BMW Convertible Love

Summer is going strong. Temperatures are soaring, the air is warming. Road trips are in order. Feel the warm breeze blow through your hair as you cruise down the Interstate, or that little country road. Even better, drive your convertible in the summer air and experience Americana as it was suppose to be enjoyed. Sunglasses on, roof down, radio blasting as you experience the thrill of the road. You can smell the flowers in full bloom and take in the sights as you head toward your destination.

Driving in a convertible is always a thrill, and let’s face it, everyone feels pretty cool driving or even riding in one. They are head turning. Imagine driving through wine country in your BMW 428i or 428i xDrive convertible. Imagine the stares as you ease on down the road. Picture yourself heading into the winery in your very own BMW 435i or 435i xDrive convertible. You are the envy of the entire place.

Now imagine you are chillin in your 640i or 640i xDrive convertible. Rollin through the town. Slow, ever so slowly, so you can be sure that everyone around is looking at you and your prize possession. Yep, you feel cool. And you look cool too! Feel the heat of the pavement as you drive on by taking in the city and everything it has to offer. You can hear the traffic, sirens, and the bustle. Now imagine you are in your 650i or 650i xDrive convertible, life is good. You have achieved greatness and your goal of owning a prestigious luxury car.

Picture it. Driving by the ocean, the salty air is whisking past your face. You can smell the ocean, and the flora and fauna that surrounds it. You are in your BMW M4 convertible, or if you prefer, the M6 convertible. Either way, you can’t lose. With the sun shining down on your back, radio blasting your favorite song, and the most beautiful scenery imaginable, you have won the day. Especially since you are in the most awesome car around, a BMW convertible.

In any of these scenarios, there is one common denominator, the most wondrous convertible vehicle around. A BMW! With the stunning exterior, and beautifully designed interior, any road trip or vacation will be a success in a BMW convertible! There is no better way to travel than with the top down and the wind in your hair! It makes even the most rugged of scenery seem a little brighter when you are having fun driving your very own car!

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