Feature Highlight: Adaptive Cruise Control

Advancements in automotive technology have come distances that almost rival electronic technology in the past fifty years. Because of this, it’s almost impossible for an owner, unless they are a certified mechanic, to repair their own vehicles any more, and even mechanics need several pieces of advanced machinery to diagnose a make repairs. The negative aside, the advances made in automotive technology have offered drivers the ability to control their vehicle much more easily than ever before. One of these advances is Adaptive Cruise Control.

Adaptive cruise control by definition is a radar-based system that can monitor the vehicle in front and adjust the speed of the vehicle to keep it at a preset distance behind the vehicle in front of it. This control operates at distances as great at 600 feet and is even capable of working well in foggy and rainy conditions.

The radar system for adaptive cruise control is installed behind the grill of a car and will detect the distance and speed of the vehicle ahead to set the pace the vehicle will keep up with. The adaptive cruise control system works just like a conventional cruise control to maintain a vehicle’s speed, but offers an advantage by adjusting the speed to the set distance to the vehicle ahead. The system is also capable of sensing when the vehicle ahead slows and engages the braking system to slow down and once the lane ahead is clear reaccelerate the vehicle back to the speed originally set.

The distance a driver chooses to maintain from vehicles ahead can be set with a selector on the dashboard or mounted on the steering wheel of most vehicles. This allows the system to know what the driver wants set as the following distance and can even be set when the lane ahead is clear to allow drivers to have their following distance kept once other vehicles are in the lane.

Adaptive cruise control is becoming a standard and optional feature for many vehicles made today and allows much more control for the driver to enjoy taking away the need to always slow down or engage the brakes when approaching vehicles that are moving at a slower speed than the driver is going. This provides the driver with an easier drive than ever before.

The adaptive cruise control system is a standard feature for almost all luxury vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Audi, Acura and Cadillac. It is also offered as an optional feature for most of the domestic auto makers such as Ford, Chevrolet, GM, Buick, Dodge, Chrysler, and Jeep vehicles. The adaptive cruise control system is also found optional on foreign makes and models as well including Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Kia, Hyundai and Honda.

This all means no matter what make or model of vehicle a potential owner chooses to purchase the adaptive cruise control system will be either a standard or at least an available option to choose from allowing all owners to be able to enjoy the added control and less frustrating driving offered by this great advance in automotive technology.

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