SUVs with the Highest Horsepower for 2015 (Part 1)

The SUV answered the question and problem of not having a large vehicle that could not only take stuff with it, but also haul people. As a vehicle that offers the utility function of a truck as well as the sportiness of a car, the SUV has been developed and refined for many years into some of the most highly capable and great performing vehicles on the road today. With that in mind, when heading out for a weekend of fun, a trailer full of gear might be needed along with some power to get the job done at a work site. This is a list of the SUVs with the highest horsepower for the new model year of 2015.

Toyota Sequoia – Roomy and beefy are two ways to describe this big beast of the road. The Toyota Sequoia offers plenty of space and size to haul lots of gear and people wherever the destination may be. Powered by a very strong 5.7-liter V8 engine the Sequoia offers 381 horsepower for owners to enjoy and take full advantage of. This strong power allows owners a great deal of trail hauling capability to ensure everything that is needed at the jobsite or campsite can come along to add to the enjoyment.

Toyota Land Cruiser – The Land Cruiser shows up with a bit of a different size and shape from the Sequoia but powered by the same engine. This allows owners to select the vehicle that is right for them between the two and know they will have an SUV with plenty of great power to enjoy. Both vehicles offer a 13 city/18 hwy mpg of fuel mileage.

Porsche Macan – Even the Porsche representatives call this an SUV that is showing off in true 911 forms. As a high powered, well-designed, and truly stylish luxury SUV the Macan shows off the sporty part of the SUV name. The Macan is small in stature but large in power showing up powered by a 3.6-liter Twin Turbocharged V6 engine that makes 400 horsepower. This awesome engine when paired with the dynamic steering and control features allows the Macan to be highly enjoyable on the road. The Macan allows owners to stay on the road much longer with a 17 city/23 hwy mpg of fuel efficiency to enjoy.

GMC Yukon XL – This is a beast of a machine. Large, impressive, intimidating and powerful, the Yukon XL from GMC is an awesome vehicle. This beast can even be considered a luxury model when it is outfitted in the Denali trim, making it one of the most self-pampering vehicles on the road. The Yukon XK is powered by a huge 6.2-liter EcoTec3 Flex Fuel V8 engine that shows up with 420 horsepower for any owner to enjoy. The Yukon XL has a surprising fuel mileage at 15 city/21 hwy mpg.

Cadillac Escalade ESV – The Escalade ESV model is the highest form of luxury SUV on the market today setting a standard for all other luxury automakers to try and emulate but have a very hard time imitating. The shape is simple and large but definitely awesome with all the luxury out fittings in place outside and inside the vehicle. The Escalade ESV is powered by a 6.2-liter Flexible Fuel V8 engine that shows up with 420 horsepower and a 14 city/20 hwy mpg of fuel mileage to pull up and show off.

With five awesome SUVs that are full of power and a majority of them showing off size that carries plenty of people and gear wherever they need to go this list is covered in beasts of beauty, burden and brawn. Shoppers for this size SUV can find a lot to choose from off of this fantastic list to make sure the choose the SUV that is right for what they want it to do from work to play.

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