2015 Scion tC: An Affordable and Sporty Coupe

When living on a small budget the choice in automobiles to drive is usually very small. Unfortunately these generally are cars that are fairly boring and plain with hardly any features to enjoy at the base models. The Scion tC offers shoppers a very enticing and sporty model at reasonable price. It achieves this by having some great visual elements, an excellent audio system and some performance parts that can be added without being a high-powered sports car that would require a much higher price than this excellent sport coupe calls for.

With the awesome looks and decent fuel economy found in the tC, this car is a lot of fun to drive for those on a tight budget who want their daily driver to give them an experience they will remember every day. With a ton of great features to enjoy the tC gives owners a lot for their money and offers plenty of options for customizing this sporty coupe. For 2015 the addition of steering-wheel mounted paddle shifters are added to the automatic transmission along with having two new colors available which are Blizzard Pearl and Cosmic Gray. With these being the only major changes, this excellent coupe continues to impress especially in the price range it is found.

With the inclusion of an improved suspension system in 2014, the Scion tC has made the move from a sporty looking coupe to an actual sport coupe that offers plenty of agility and control to make driving this very attractive car a pleasure cruise for any owner. Add to the improved suspension the stiffer chassis and highly regarded and responsive steering system and the tC makes a great choice for anyone who lives in a region full of windy roads that can be enjoyed and offer a dynamic challenge to this fantastic car.

In order to keep the price tag at a reasonable place for the budget conscience to enjoy the Scion tC is offered with only one engine. This engine is a 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder engine that shows up with 179 horsepower and 173 lb.-ft. of torque. To give some performance to the car there are two transmission options, a six-speed manual or six speed automatic transmission both of which allow for a fuel efficiency of 23 city/31 hwy mpg to be enjoyed. The automatic was revamped in 2014 to give it a rev-matching technology that allows for smooth downshifting and the ability to change gears twice as fast as in previous models. With the addition of the paddle shifters, the driver actually can have more say in the shift timing for the automatic, adding to the fun of driving this sports coupe.

The interior of the tC is comfortable and modern with plenty of great materials to enjoy and comfortable and supportive seats. Even though this is a two-door sports coupe, there is plenty of space in the rear seat for passengers to enjoy and feel comfortable during any ride. The tC even boasts some very nice cargo space with the inclusion of a 60/40 split folding rear seat that helps to accommodate even oddly shaped objects during the ride home. In the front, all controls are simple and straightforward giving drivers and easy time knowing what the car is doing under the hood and making it an intuitive vehicle to drive on just about any road. The interior color is very dramatic in black and gray, giving a sportier appearance than some other colors would inside the car.

On the outside the Scion tC is extremely attractive and screams to be driven. It looks like a lot of fun to drive and doesn’t disappoint once out on the road. With a front end the features a wide lower grill and a very slight upper grill that carries the shape across to the very narrow headlights, the front of the car is all sport inspired and ready to drive down the road. The hood is long and curved giving way to a low hood to roof angle that carries back to the rear of the car in a fluid and seamless motion. The wheels are star/flower patterned and one of the sportiest set of wheels on the market today giving the car a very unique and stylish look to finish out the great overall appearance.

Even though this car shows up with a very low price tag, the standard features offered are very enjoyable for any owner. This list of features includes 18-inch wheels, a Pioneer sound system with a 6.1-inch LCD touch screen and HD Radio, Bluetooth connectivity, air conditioning, and a leather-trimmed steering wheel with audio controls, automatic headlights, eight airbags, traction control, stability control and active front headrests. With this package of features even those spending the least on a base model will enjoy the drive in the Scion tC.

Most of the optional features offered for this car come in as dealer installed features that help to make this car one of a kind for any owner and ensure the owner has the equipment and comfort they desire. The one factory-installed upgrade is the option to have a BeSpoke audio/navigation system installed which adds $1,200 to the price, but will be worth it for all the use it will get. Dealer installed options include different wheels, a rear spoiler, sporty TRD springs and brakes, and many more. When the automatic transmission is chosen the car adds the paddle shifters on the steering wheel for the added control of manual shifting at the driver’s choosing.

The base price for the Scion tC shows up just under $20,000 making it one of the most affordable vehicles on the market today. Adding the automatic transmission will raise this price by $1,000 easily and putting in the BeSpoke audio increases it by another $1,200. This still keeps the overall price around $22,000 for anyone who can avoid adding any dealer installed goodies, but at this price, one or two might not hurt and will certainly add to the character of the car.

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