For Two-Seater Hybrid Excitement, there’s the 2015 Honda CR-Z

The Honda CR-Z offers a very interesting look at what might be cutting edge technology in the hybrid categories with a very sporty look and a performance laden hybrid powertrain. As a two-seater vehicle, the CR-Z offers plenty of space inside for the two occupants to feel comfortable and take enough gear with them to enjoy a great experience outdoors for a weekend of fun at a campsite or lake. This hatchback gives owners plenty of cargo configurations they can enjoy to make it easy to carry along whatever is needed to be brought home or to a destination.

As an exciting hybrid vehicle the CR-Z is not typical in its performance on the road. Many hear the word hybrid and feel a pride for a car that is green and helps the environment as much as possible, but usually one that gives up a huge amount of performance and offers a lackluster driving experience. That is not the case with the CR-Z which offers plenty of performance and energy while out for a drive and comes into 2015 as one of the most fun hybrid vehicles on the road.

The only real addition to the CR-Z for 2015 is the option to add a dealer-installed supercharger kit. This kit increases the horsepower from a modest 130 to a massive 197 making a huge jump in fun and exhilaration that can be found when driving this particular hybrid vehicle. Part of the driving excitement found in this car comes from the awesome control system that is in place. The suspension is highly-tuned and ready to take on just about any road conditions especially curvy roads which offer an amazing amount of challenge when driving. The CR-Z also benefits from a very enjoyable steering system that handles all the twists and turns that can be found for this car to tackle. In addition to these control system, the CR-Z offers three different driving modes to choose from, Econ, Normal, and Sport. These different modes help owners to select the driving mode that is right for the conditions they are experiencing and offers the performance needed.

The CR-Z offers only one engine to power this very nice hybrid vehicle. This engine comes in the form of a 1.5-liter gasoline engine that has and Integrated Motor Assist hybrid assistance. This engine comes in with 130 horsepower and 140 lb.-ft. of torque when mated to the manual transmission and 127 lb.-ft. of torque when paired with the continuously variable transmission. This very efficient engine offers an auto-stop features that helps to save fuel by turning off the engine when stopped at traffic lights. The fuel efficiency of this vehicle comes in at 31 city/38 hwy when fitted with the six-speed manual transmission and 36 city/39 hwy when the CVT is onboard.

With comfortable seats and easy to understand controls, the CR-Z offers an enjoyment when driving this very nice car that many will enjoy. The gauges and control panel are set up in such a way drivers will feel as if they have entered the future just by opening the door. It’s typical of many hybrids to have additional read outs for drivers to try and create the most fuel efficient experience possible, but the CR-Z takes this to a whole other level. The only real knock on this entire interior and its options is the lack of any option for leather seating to be enjoyed.

On the outside the CR-Z appears to be a fantastic and fun car to look at and drive. The car is considered to be a “one motion wedge” concept that offers a fluid transfer from the front to the rear of the vehicle. The front of the CR-Z shows up with a large grill and flanking shapely headlights to give the look of speed and excitement. The CR-Z offers a very smooth angle form the hood to the roof with a swept back style that looks fast and appears to be a great fit for this car. The CR-Z rides on star shaped wheels that add to the excitement and dynamic appeal of the car, giving it the final touch and nod to some driving fun.

The standard features offered for the CR-Z include a rearview camera with guidelines, Bluetooth connectivity, aluminum-alloy wheels, automatic climate control, a multi information display, a six-speaker 160 watt audio system with a USB port, six air bags, electronic stability control and active head restraints. With these as the standard features even the base model of the CR-Z offers a feeling of enjoyment and plenty of great equipment for anyone to fully enjoy without getting the feeling they are missing out on anything.

For the optional equipment, the CR-Z shows up offering higher trim levels to choose from. The EX trim adds the benefit of xenon headlights making visibility at night much better than the traditional halogen lights, LED daytime running lights, a seven-speaker premium audio system with a subwoofer, a touch screen navigation system and basic text messaging functions. With these great additional features for owners to enjoy the CR-Z is a highly enjoyable driving machine that is made for having a lot of fun on a date or for just simply cruising around.

The CR-Z is a two-seater hatchback that is an awesome choice as a daily commuter vehicle or one to use when running errands around town. The CR-Z starts out with a pricing that comes in at the base model with a price just below $21,000. Going to the other end a fully loaded CR-Z EX with a CVT is offered for just below $25,000. For the hybrid technology that is on board in this very nice car for all to enjoy makes these prices very reasonable, especially when the federal tax credit is taken into consideration. For owners who don’t need a lot of space or seating, this can be the right choice for driving and saving fuel in a fun and exciting car.

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