The Hand Built 918 Porsche Spyder: A Look at the Assembly Process

With a price tag that closes in on $1 million for each 918 Porsche Spyder, and the highest amount of horsepower on the market at 887 horsepower along with being a plug-in hybrid model you might find it interesting this marvel of speed, power and technology is produced in one of the quietest work environments ever known in the world of automobile manufacturing.

Most of us envision an auto plant to be just what it is, noisy, dirty, somewhat dangerous and certainly not a quiet and peaceful place to work. With a look inside the assembly area at Porsche, there could be a whole new thinking in the workplace by taking some cues from this interesting space.

The entire area is void of any air powered tools. This saves a ton on the noise factor to start with but the reasoning is Porsche doesn’t want these hoses to inadvertently damage any of the parts or paint of one of the new Spyders. Instead of air tools, hand held power tools are used and each bolt and nut is tightened carefully. Porsche has the ability to know which ones were correctly tightened and which weren’t by using advanced Bluetooth technology in the assembly process.

Care is taken to ensure quality and safety when building one of these high priced sports cars. This is evident in the care taken for something as small and seemingly insignificant as the sun visor which takes 200 hand-stitches and 45 minutes to complete the assembly process. If Porsche takes that much care for these little details, imagine what it is doing for the other more impressive and important parts of this awesome vehicle.

The assembly process takes 111 minutes to complete from start to finish for a Spyder and it takes a team of 110 employees to complete this task. A ton of car is taken to ensure the safety of the team during this process. This safety concern is evident by having a car that can roll from a completed assembly to the paint shop without having any fuel put in the tank. This makes it safer for the paint shop to get their job done with fewer concerns. Also, a lock is in place to ensure the high-voltage battery is not inadvertently connected which keeps workers safer during the assembly process.

With some of the parts for the Spyder’s Weissach package being of very limited supply the plant can only produce seven cars per week that have this package installed. With over all care and diligence as well as a uniquely quiet work environment, the assembly area of the Porsche 918 Spyder gives the feel of a company that cares deeply about the product it is putting on the market. That has been the case for decades with Porsche, but never to this extreme. Having a car that is literally hand assembled and electronically checked can only lead to fewer mistakes on the other end for those of us privileged enough to be able to afford such a beautiful piece of automotive technology.

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