A New Rear View Mirror: Another Advance in Technology

Each year it seems different automotive manufacturers show up with some form of gadgetry or phenomenal advancement in their vehicle technology. At the different auto shows these car makers get a chance to showcase their ideas and solicit opinions and reactions from a varied and sometimes very skeptical crowd. When the tech finally makes it to us, the general public it shows an amazing amount of thought and superiority over previous technology, and allows us to drive vehicles that have advanced farther and quicker than ever before.

One such technology that will be found aboard the new 2016 Cadillac CT6 sedan will be a high-definition rear view mirror. This mirror will really be a video screen and offers the driver a much better view of what is happening on the road behind them. Instead of having an obstructed view of children bouncing in their seats behind the driver, or the items which sometimes are placed in the rear windshield, drivers will be offered a fully unobstructed view of the road behind them.

This technology will be possible by using a small rear view camera that is mounted in the rear of the vehicle. Instead of offering a simple view like the rearview technology already in place, this camera will give a view of the entire road behind the car just like, well actually better, than a current rear view mirror. The increase in visibility is said to be approximately 300 percent and does away with the traditional obstacles that are in place such as the rear pillars, people or objects in the back seat.

In addition to offering this outstanding view of the road behind the mirror/camera combination will help reduce glare and is made to improve low-light visibility. The streaming is high-resolution so you will see things as they are happening behind you and not have to worry that you are missing something. The camera is coated with a hydrophobic layer to keep the lens clean no matter what the weather outside and the display on the mirror is 1280 x 240 pixels with 171 pixels per inch to give the clearest view possible. When the mirror needs to be used as an actual mirror, the video can be turned off with the simple flip of a switch, giving you whatever view it is you want to have.

With constant advances in technology and safety features on vehicles this system for a rearview mirror seems like it should easily be a slam dunk and hopefully be more readily available on every model of car, truck, SUV or van in the near future. As this rear view mirror debuts at the New York Auto Show in the 2015 Cadillac CT6, the predicted reaction will hopefully be one that is highly positive and extremely accepting and excited about this awesome new technology. Look forward to this being the newest and best rearview mirror system in the near future to allow us all to drive vehicles that are just a little more safety equipped.

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