In a Constant Battle of Power and Performance

Sports cars have been around since the first time anyone figured out they were able to add a great deal of power under the hood of a car and make it driver faster than any car had before. Ever since then we have witnessed a huge amount of power and performance along with advancements in these fields to give us the most exciting cars on the planet to marvel at and witness the awesome engineering and aerodynamics while being powered by some of the most powerful and energetic engines the world has ever seen.

Last year the Camaro Z28 was able to make the lap at Nurburgring in 7:37.47 which was extremely close to the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta which posted a time that was only 1/10 of a second faster than the Camaro Z28. The lap posted by the Z28 came in as the fastest time every posted by an American made sports car. Of course this set the bar for both Ford and Dodge to work on their high powered sports cars and see what they could do to find a way to best the Z28 Camaro.

Thinking the Z28 was the fastest ever, a not yet confirmed report shows the Ford Mustang GT350R having a time at Nurburgring that shows up at 7:32.19, more than a full second faster than the Camaro z28. This can make the Mustang the fastest car on the road in the U. S. even though it’s not quite official as of yet.

Ford had announced the GT350R would have performance numbers that were close to the Camaro Z28, but beating the Z28 head to head was not even a consideration. If this track time is in fact true then the Mustang shows off as the premier muscle car on the road in the U. S. today.

Upon further inspection of the Mustang GT350R carbon-fiber wheels had been fitted on the car which will actually show up with a price that is less than $100,000. For Mustang lovers out there the GT350R will show up as a car that has everything they have ever dreamed of having in a high performance sports car.

With a more comfortable and people pleasing interior than many of the other sports cars the Mustang shows off a great deal of space inside the car for all to enjoy. In the GT 350R the front seats are highly active racing seats that allow the driver and front passenger to be well mannered and helps to keep the these two able to enjoy the ride along in a great car that is so far rumored to have bested the Camaro Z28.

Whether the Mustang GT350R actually did perform better at Nurburgring than the Camaro Z28 is still to be fully confirmed and until it is the Z28 will remain with the official best time, but even with the unofficial time, just having the two in a conversation together offers a hint at just how performance ready the Mustang really is.

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