For Mustang Lovers, the 2015 Shelby GT has been Unveiled

Many of us remember the days of that Carroll Shelby created the best Mustangs around giving performance and pleasure in the driving experience. The Shelby GT Mustang for 2015 is no exception to the long time racing legend and his offerings, keeping with tradition and giving a nod to his long career as one of the best in the business of performance auto racing.

Unveiled at the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona, the Shelby GT comes in with a massive power plant that reaches 627 horsepower and high end performance suspension to give the Shelby GT a great deal of control which is needed on a car of this level of power. This engine is the most powerful base engine offered ever on a Shelby GT and is made to be 50-state legal.

Adding a ton of great classic styling from older Shelby Mustangs the 2015 GT model adds lightweight carbon fiber aerodynamic elements including a fully vented hood, front splitter, rocker sills, decklid and spoiler as well as two-piece rear diffuser. Add aluminum gills and the Shelby badge to the mix the car is extremely attractive and aggressive in its style. Inside the cabin are a few more carbon fiber features including a tri-gauge dash pod and Shelby-branded door sill plates and floor mats. To continue in the tradition of registering the car numbers, each one will carry a numbered Shelby American CSM dash plaque and engine plate to be documented in the official Shelby American Worldwide Registry.

Underneath the Shelby GT the enhancements are amazing as well. Like the Roush, these include a comprehensive handling package of springs, shocks and sway bar along with heavy-duty half-shafts from the Ford Racing catalog. To bring this mean creature to a full stop a full set of Wilwood brakes are in place to ensure the car doesn’t go screaming off the road. The Shelby GT also features the Ford Racing short-throw shifter to make the shifting a breeze and add even more racing elements to the car. To finish out the car and its highly touted elements the Shelby GT rides on a full set of Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires that wrap 20-inch /staggered-width Shelby spec Weld lightweight alloy wheels. This car and all its niceties starts out at $39,995 and can be ordered for that price. Anyone who just isn’t quite satisfied with the 627 horsepower can have a 700-horsepower engine installed to really bust out the massive power some really desire.

What a way to celebrate 50 years of making Mustangs, by honoring Carroll Shelby with a car that carries the name well and offers a ton of amazing performance and power for all Mustang lovers to enjoy and be marveled by. Anyone of us will be fortunate to be able to order and receive our Shelby GT Mustangs in the second quarter of this year. Until then, the anticipation will increase and excitement will grow until the day when it’s finally time to take delivery of this high powered Ford Mustang Shelby GT.

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