Which Vehicles Earned the Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Award for 2015

With twelve categories and over 300 models of vehicles tested by Kelley Blue Book, the cars chosen as the best buy were put through a rigorous series of tests along with having to offer a great deal of reliability and resale value for owners. Other considerations for each vehicle comes to (a boring list, but here it is) comparative market pricing, cost to own information, generational consumer reviews and ratings and expert evaluations.

Using this criteria result in a winner in each of the twelve categories and an overall winner for the Best Buy Awards.

Small Car Category

In the Small Car category the winner is the Honda Civic. This comes as no surprise as the Civic has a strong and long reputation for reliability and resale value. To go with this reputation the Civic shows up with a great pricing structure and enjoyable features and benefits for any of us who enjoy the Civic and want a small car to drive will be able to do so. To show of the resale value the Civic keeps it value better than most cars on the road making it an easy car to trade in when it’s time to move up to a new vehicle.

Mid-Size Car Category

In the Mid-Size Car category the winner is the Honda Accord. Another not so surprising choice consider the criteria. Honda has built a longstanding reputation for resale value across its entire lineup which helps keep these models winning these awards year after year. With excellent performance, decent power and very nice fuel efficiency the Accord has a lot to offer any owner who wants one. Along with the details, the Accord is a sportier drive than many of its competition which allow the car to be a great daily driver for anyone to fully enjoy.

Full-Size Car Category

In the Full-Size Car category the winner is the Chevrolet Impala. Offering a comfortable ride along with great handling the Impala takes the prize in this category. This car offers a great value for the money spent and has a nearly luxury style inside the car to give owners the feeling of being in a car that actually should be featured in a category much higher than just a full-size sedans. The Impala comes in with a lower price than most if its completion for this award offering the best value for car shoppers.

Small SUV Category

In the Small SUV category the winner is the Honda CR-V. It’s comforting to know this is the winner in the small SUV category because it’s also one of the most popular on the road today. This SUV offers a ton a great safety features for all to enjoy and just as Honda has built its reputation to do, offers exceptional resale value for anyone who purchases the CR-V. Add to these attributes the CR-V is filled with a ton of awesome features for everyone to take on the road and get the most from to enjoy the CR-V and all its benefits.

Mid-Size SUV

In the Mid-Size SUV category the winner is the Toyota Highlander. Similar to Honda, Toyota has built a strong reputation of reliability and resale value for owners to experience and enjoy for many years. This adds to the brand loyalty that Toyota has enjoyed so much in its longstanding time in business. As an SUV that offers comfort, features, safety, drive enjoyment and a strong engine the Highlander makes a great vehicle to handle the carrying of precious cargo with one of the highest safety ratings in the category as well.

Full-Size SUV

In the Full-Size SUV category the winner is the Chevrolet Tahoe. With some long time namesakes in this category to stand up against the Tahoe, this big beast came out on top as the best value in the category. With features that stand head and shoulders above the others, especially the inclusion of a Wi-Fi hotspot which is made possible through the OnStar system the Tahoe showed advances the other couldn’t match. Along with being a great SUV to drive the Tahoe offers amazing performance on and off the road for any owner to boast about and fully enjoy.


In the Minivan category the winner is the Honda Odyssey. Because of great resale value and at the height of its popularity the Odyssey offers more bang for the buck than any other minivan for 2015. There seems to be an underlying theme in the valuation of vehicles on this list with the Honda models taking many of the awards on this list. With excellent driving dynamics and a value that is kept high the Odyssey won handily against the competition it was facing making it an easy choice for this award.

Pickup Truck

In the Pickup Truck category the winner is the Ford F-150. Ford put so much into changing the F-150 to squeeze out a lot more power while giving owners a fuel efficiency that makes the truck affordable that no other truck even came close. The driving of this big pickup is very quiet and enjoyable giving all who ride along a great experience on the road and rear seat passengers will even experience a vast amount of legroom to enjoy. The F-150 was so impressive it took the award for the Overall Best Buy across all categories making this an obvious choice for anyone looking to buy a great truck.

Performance Car

In the Performance Car category the winner is the Chevrolet Corvette. Those who chose this true American icon as their weekend toy will be ecstatic to learn this car earns the Best Buy award. With a host of great models to choose from that offer a wide variety of performance along with having the best resale value of any performance laden model the Corvette shows off with a hugely aggressive style and amazing performance equipment befitting the name it carries to the road.

Electric/Hybrid Car

In the Electric/Hybrid Car category the winner is the Chevrolet Volt. The Volt shows up as a car that offers a stylish look to hide the fact that it is an electric-powered car. This car has a great electric range for owners to enjoy, especially those who don’t leave the city much, but also offers a fantastic gasoline powered backup engine to give the car a superiority over all-electric models that have to stick to the city streets. Full of amazing features to take full advantage of the Volt is one of the most enticing cars on the road in this category as one that have it all for owners to enjoy.

Luxury Car

In the Luxury Car category the winner is the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Even though there are plenty of luxury cars that offer more equipment and style than the C-Class, this car takes the award because it has an amazing value to fully enjoy. The C-Class has a price that is actually affordable for many professionals to make this their daily driver but has a performance and equipment package that makes it feel like it really should be much more expensive than it is. With such stiff competition the C-Class enjoys amazing success in the Luxury Car category.

Luxury SUV

In the Luxury SUV category the winner is the Acura MDX. With a shape that makes it one of the most attractive SUVs on the road and a full complement of great equipment to take advantage of the MDX is an SUV that doesn’t waste time or money of the owner. This SUV comes in with a huge amount of great resale value to enjoy and allow owners to be able to purchase another MDX when the time is right as the Acura lineup has a great reputation for keeping their value, much like the Honda line of vehicles.

With twelve amazing vehicles winning the awards and the F-150 receiving the Overall Best Buy award for 2015 these great vehicles are able to offer us what others cannot, value. This value can be found in the amenities aboard, resale value, or reliability. Whether it’s one of the many winners from Honda or Chevrolet, or an individual winner, these twelve vehicles had stood against their competition and came out on top. This gives us a great place to begin the shopping for a vehicle that is going to offer any one of us the overall value we desire from our daily drivers.

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