Keyless Entry Vehicles Might be in Danger

Anyone who has paid even the slightest bit of attention to current crime statistics and trends can see many thefts committed recently and in the past few years have much more to do with technology than ever before. With identity theft on the rise along with other forms of theft that require taking information online from a person many gangs and thieves in Europe are turning to hacking into keyless entry systems in order to steal vehicles. This has truly become a major problem, especially in the UK and could easily begin to affect the United States as well.

Currently the target audience for this keyless entry system hacking is vans such as the Ford Transit, Transit Connect and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Other major targets include late model BMW cars and Land Rover models. These last two comprise approximately twenty-five percent of all theft by hacking into the keyless entry system. It’s still unknown if the reason for these vehicles to be the target, but suspicions is it may be due to a serious lack of security measures for these particular vehicles making them easy to hack into and take over the keyless entry system which allows easy access to these models.

So far the problem has grown so serious Scotland Yard, the noted British investigative branch, has an entire web page dedicated to this problem. In addition to the web page, British Law Enforcement was instructed to pull over any Range Rover models that were in the London area because these vehicles were being stolen at such an alarming rate. This action was meant to determine whether or not the actual owner was the one driving the vehicle. This may seem a bit excessive, but the British law enforcement agencies seem to be at their wits end to figure out how to stop this problem.

So far, Jaguar-Land Rover has issued a statement through their spokesperson to inform us the threat has grown to astronomical proportions. They have so far conducted three security upgrades for the keyless entry vehicles which they are hoping will help them stay a step ahead of the criminals responsible for these crimes. So far the company has not commented as to the severity that might be felt in the U. S. but owners who have concerns regarding the security of their vehicles have been advised to contact the manufacturers to see if any upgrades are available.

It seems, and should have been somewhat self-evident, criminals have found ways into vehicles equipped with a keyless entry system. It won’t be long before they are able to clone key fobs in order to have them present in vehicles with push button starting, adding a second level of security concerns to car owners around the world. Hopefully automotive manufacturers will be able to find ways to continuously be ahead of the criminals and not allow them to so easily access vehicles or create a system to actually verify the driver of a vehicle is who should be inside.

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