For 2017, The F-150 Has a Huge Edge

Fans of the Ford F-150 Raptor almost had to miss out for 2015 and 2016 as Ford took some time off from developing the Raptor, but they did partner with Hennessey to produce the Velociraptor, ensuring those looking for the same power and performance would be able to get it. Why the hiatus from Ford for the Raptor? Because they were busy working on what will be the most awesome and amazing Raptor yet, which will be released in 2017 and begin again to show just what the Ford engineers can do.

The Ford team is planning to offer a 2017 Raptor that showcases the brute and design in one truck. At a glance, the 2017 Raptor appears to look at home in the open wilderness and be ready to roam all over the dessert. Taking this beast in the woods will be difficult (the same with offerings from Dodge or GM) because full-size truck have gotten wider over the years, but a run through the dessert, across a cleared mountain pass, or a trip to the deserted beach will certainly be possible for this beast of beauty and burden.

Of course, we can expect the Raptor of 2017 will offer something new and better than the competition to showcase just how amazing the Ford F-150, its engineering, and its design teams are. From the same group that brought us the aluminum body; the Raptor is going to feature a V6 engine. Why does that matter, because this V6 will put out nearly 450 horsepower and 500 lb.-ft. of torque, blowing away the V8 engines of both GM and Dodge and allowing a much longer time on the beach, in the desert or wherever else you choose to take the Raptor for a spin.

With this in mind there are only a few questions to come to mind: When are GM and Dodge going to keep up with the Raptor? How is this truck going to do in the high heat of the desert? The only answer for either of these questions will be found in time. Time will tell if the other two of the big three will have anything to match the Raptor, and we will see if the Raptor can handle the desert with the performance that is needed from a truck that is built with the sole purpose of traversing the desert sands or beach fronts with ease.

Ok, that isn’t its sole purpose; actually thumbing its nose at the Silverado and Ram is its real purpose as the Raptor continues to be the height of F-150 power, performance and excitement. By reintroducing this beauty to the world in 2017, Ford will continue its long run as the truck king of the world and show off with this flagship of trucks. Seeing this and knowing it’s coming in 2017 makes me excited for the future of trucks and nearly holding my breath with anticipation of the release of this awesome truck that will take on the outdoors, laughing the whole way.

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