Looking Forward to 2016 and the European Version of the Civic in America

Because of much less restrictive regulations, many overseas markets receive versions of cars we have come to know and love that actually test the overall performance of the vehicles. For whatever reason, our government officials don’t believe the citizens of our nation are capable of deciding for themselves and have regulated much of the fun out of the automotive industry. Overall the reality is the safety of the occupants of any vehicle is the priority when it comes to the regulations enforced, but some of the cars and trucks offered overseas would be awesome here as well.

Honda has announced the European version of the Civic may make its appearance in the U.S. in 2016. The hopes are that with this will come the Civic Type R which is the cream of the crop when it comes to the performance of this amazing machine. In fact, the hopes have been raised higher when one of the Type R’s was seen testing near the Honda plant where the plans are to build their new turbocharged four-cylinder engines.

This change to bring the European Civic to American soil is partly to help boost production in the Swindon, England plant which is under production by nearly 100,000 units and expected to lose the production of the Fit subcompact car to one of the plants in Japan. By giving this plant the Civic to build for America, Honda will be helping keeps the production and save jobs in their Swindon plant, which is vital to the economy of that area.

The European version of the Civic is available as a hatchback or a station wagon but the first one to come to America will be the hatchback until the market dictates a need for a wagon. This is most likely the right move for Honda, in a country that is completely covered in small SUV’s, another wagon may only appeal to a niche crowd and won’t necessarily be able to gain the following and profits they are looking for.

What is expected is somewhere between 30,000 and 40,000 of these hatchbacks will be shipped to the U.S. for sale next to the sedans and coupes that are currently sold here. This will give us another competitor in the hatchback market that carries a name that has been trusted for several years and is one of the most highly regarded sports coupes that prowl American streets.

Thus far, the Civic R has only been seen in testing and no talk has taken place as to whether or not the Civic R will arrive in America. Having the Civic R sold here would give Honda a player to compete with the Volkswagen Golf R, Subaru WRX STI and the new Ford Focus RS. Until the talks start and the buzz is created around the Civic in hatchback form we may not see the Civic R at all, but hopefully it will only take a year or two to follow the hatchback across the pond to the U. S.

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