Renamed, but not Replaced: 2015 Infiniti Q40

With Infiniti choosing to rename their lineup, the Q40 now replaces what used to be the G37. This car comes in with many of the same features and equipment that has been enjoyed by Infiniti lovers for so long and at the lowest price in the Infiniti lineup. As the smallest of the Infiniti sedans, the Q40 is a fun car to take for a spin with great performance, awesome features and a zip that can only bring a smile to the face of any driver who steps in behind the wheel of this great car.

The Q40 firmly competes with other entry-level luxury sedans on the market such as the Audi A3 and Mercedes-Benz CLA. The six-speed manual transmission of the old G37 is gone and the Sport model went with it, but the replacements are extremely well-equipped sedans to enjoy and entice Infiniti lovers. As the final year for this model run, there are minimal changes made to the car including the color selections being pared down giving a great platform for the next model of the Q40 to come out and start taking the entry-level luxury sedan world by storm.

The simple fact is, smaller cars are easier to drive than larger ones. With a small car a driver can easily maneuver through traffic and find a parking spot that fits the car without worry. The Q40 offers the confidence of being able to drive a small luxury car that is controlled by one of the most refined suspensions on the market and paired with a great steering system that allows the car to feel great while driving and tight around corners and curves to be able to take the drive on any road with extreme confidence. This car could not wear the Infiniti badge without having a cabin that is ultra-quiet, and it does. This is the result of the dynamic noise cancelling technology aboard all Infiniti vehicles that allows the occupants to only enjoy the sounds they desire.

The Q40 is powered by only one engine offering, but it’s certainly the right choice for this car. This engine shows up as a 3.7-liter V6 engine that offers a strong 328 horsepower and 269 lb.-ft. of torque. This engine has reached additional power and efficiency by using a variable valve timing and lift and gives owner some great fuel efficiency to go with the amazing power. The only transmission offered is a seven-speed automatic transmission that offers up a fuel efficiency of 19 city/27 hwy in the rear-wheel drive models and 18 city/25 hwy mpg for the all-wheel drive versions. This gives the Q40 a competitive fuel efficiency even if it’s a leader in its class.

As a run on the last year of this model the 2015 Q40 does not have touch screens for every control. Those who would rather use the knobs and dials will appreciate this fact of the car. The interior space is adequate and comfortable as expected of a luxury sedan and all surfaces are covered in exceptional materials to offer the best comfort possible for this car. The rear seat passengers do not get left out of the comfort equation as the rear seat offers plenty of leg room and headroom and seats that are both supportive and comfortable to enjoy the ride.

The exterior of the Q40 offers the same great looks the G37 previously did. With a sloping front end that gets the looks moving, the Q40 is smooth in appearance and sophisticated in its style. The front fascia offers a small grill that is chrome lined and features the highly recognizable badge floating in the center. This grill is flanked by two large and sweeping headlights that really do reach halfway back on the hood in order to get the looks moving toward the rear. The hood to roof angle is low and attractive with all curves and edges casting the overall appearance from front to rear of a car that is elegantly designed and athletic in nature. The wheels are double star shaped in a fashion that is highly attractive in the driveway, but even better looking when driving down the parkway.

The standard features offered for the Infiniti Q40 show up with leather trimmed seats, dual zone automatic climate controls, push button starting, an audio system that features Bluetooth connectivity, a USB port, a seven inch touch screen display, heated front seats with eight-way power adjustments and a synchronized gauge adjustment that moves up and down as the steering wheel is tilted to give drivers the best view of the gauges possible. At the base model in an entry-level class, this is a ton of features to enjoy and have on a car that is about to be redesigned for the next model year.

The optional features aboard the Q40 show up with a fairly reduced list, another signal to the last model year run. these optional feature do include some very nice equipment to enjoy including a navigation system, and upgraded audio system with DVD playback, a hard-drive based navigation information, voice recognition, Driver’s Audio stage which sends the music toward the driver to give them the best listening experience with the music and a moonroof. Even though this is a shorter list than in the past, it’s easy to see the uses each of these features can offer to any owner of the Q40.

One of the best features of the Q40 that truly has other manufacturers concerned is the price. Most luxury sedans, even in the entry-level class show up much higher priced than the Q40 which comes in with a base price of $35,000 for the base RWD version with the AWD model showing up starting out at $36,500. The fully loaded versions of this car don’t even break the bank with the RWD model having a price around $39,000 and the AWD showing up just above the $40,000 mark. Any model of the Q40 offers a great deal of great equipment for owners to enjoy and have at one of the most reasonable prices on the market.

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