Even the Smart Cars have Generations

It might be amazing to thing the Smart Fortwo and Forfour are about to have their next generation begin in 2016, but it’s true. These certainly niche cars are built to give great fuel efficiency in a microcar that allows easy travel in an around an urban environment. The Fortwo is ready to make its travel to the US later this year the Forfour is yet to see its way onto American soil. While still maintaining it size and place on the road, the Fortwo is expected to be a bit larger, offer more colors and better equipment to enjoy.

Speaking about engines on the Fortwo is a bit like talking motorcycle engines with their size. The Fortwo will show up with a choice of two three-cylinder engines one is an 898cc that offers 70 horsepower and the other is a 999cc turbocharged model that brings the power up to 90 horses. Either of these engines are able to be mated to the five-speed manual or Twinamic six-speed dual-clutch automatic that give amazing fuel efficiency to be enjoyed. Another engine is expected to join the lineup and offer 60 horsepower and become the base engine as well as an all-electric powered model following that launch, giving us some additional choices to look forward to on the Fortwo.

The new look of the Fortwo shows up with a larger size but the same rear-engine/rear-drive configuration that is currently present. The upscale appearance shows up with a more pronounced nose, bolder grill and LED-infused taillights. The safety cage that surrounds the Fortwo has been improved as well to give better crash protection and add Crosswind Assist to improve the overall stability of the car. These improvements bring the newest generation of the Fortwo into the new year with a great new look and added safety.

The improved underpinnings of the Fortwo show up with the MacPherson struts in the front and DeDion rear axle which are added to improve the overall ride comfort inside the Fortwo. For those of you who have enjoyed a Fortwo in the past the new look and the improvements will greatly increase your enjoyment. The new Fortwo also offers a Sport package that brings in stiffer springs and shocks along with a lower ride height to give it a sportier feeling on the open road. The ability to maneuver through tight city traffic is still a major feature of the Fortwo which can be parked nearly anywhere on the planet.

With three trim offerings on the Fortwo this car offers some nice choices. These trims are Passion, Prime and Proxy giving great features for anyone to move from a base Passion model on up to the top of the line Proxy model. This new generation of the Fortwo shows us that not only is the niche this car lives in going to continue for many years to come, but it also will give us even better cars as time continues to move forward and automotive technology continues to improve the way it has so far.

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