How ‘Bout Some Fast Beemers

BMW has been making cars for nearly a century and has developed many highly powerful and precision oriented driving machines in its history. The success BMW has enjoyed has grown to a nearly 300,000 vehicles being sold in the US alone each year, not to mention the worldwide sales that the manufacturer enjoys as well. As with many manufacturers, BMW has many cars that have been racing machines that are built to outperform all of their competition at different tracks and on the road.

Let’s take a look at what are consider the top ten fastest BMW’s over the years based on their time from zero to sixty mph.

  1. M3 CRT


The CRT is s compact version of the M3 and outperforms many of the other M3 models. Powered by a strong 4.4-liter V8 engine that brings out 450 horses to play the CRT packs the speed by using this power plus a generous amount of carbon fiber components to gain the top performance desired. The CRT shows up on this list with a time of 4.4 seconds for a zero to sixty run, making it a fast and fun small BMW to enjoy.

  1. M5


Moving up a couple sizes to the M5 gives a car that offers plenty of space to house a huge amount of performance and still offers plenty of fun during any drive. The M5 is powered by a 4.4-liter V8 engine that brings out a massive 560 horsepower and makes the drive more exciting and sexier than before. Those who though the M5 was a thing of the past need only see this model and witness the awesome speed from a standstill to sixty mph that comes in at 4.3 seconds, putting in easily in the top ten for BMW.

  1. M3 GTS


Do you want to see a track-ready M3? This is it, the GTS was built to be an awesome track performer and one of the lightest of the M3 variants. The ultra-titanium exhaust system helps to add to the overall performance of this awesome car and with the engine, a 4.4-liter V8 that shuffles along 444 ponies the GTs is seriously quick and handles exceptionally well on any track or out on the road. The time for a run to sixty mph shows up at 4.2 seconds for this amazing M3, making it one of the fastest on the list.

  1. M3 Coupe DCT

M3 Coupe DCT

The DCT was built to be a one of the most fun and enticing M3 variants on the road. As the coupe for the serious business person who still wants a sporty car the DCT (which stands for double-clutch transmission) offers a great power and performance to give anyone a great time behind the wheel. This variant is powered by a 4.0-liter V8 engine that shows up with a low horsepower number for this list at 414 and a top speed of 180 mph. The speed of this car shows in the acceleration as well which brings it to sixty mph in only 4.1 seconds.

  1. 3 Series M3 F80

3 Series M3 F80

This new model of the 3 Series showed up on the scene in 2014 as a powerful and awesome car to drive. The massive power of 425 horsepower and 406 lb.-ft. of torque shows up to bring this car to sixty mph in only 4.1 seconds and offers a regulated 155 mph top speed that can be even more with the regulator off. The F80 makes a fun and exciting choice for anyone who is looking for one of the fastest Beemers on the road.

  1. M6 Coupe

M6 Coupe

The M6 Coupe is already a performance beast without being upgraded, full of variants and changed. The Coupe is one of the premier symbols of power and performance for a great deal of drivers of BMW cars. Powered by a 4.4-liter V8 is only limited to 155 horsepower and can reach sixty mph in 4.1 seconds. The M6 offers the features and equipment that are desired by so many who want a luxury car that can do anything and go anywhere on the road to show off the top performance and beautiful style form this amazing line of cars.

  1. M5/M6 Competition Package

M5 Competition Package

How do you take the top of a lineup that is built for performance and power and give it even more power and performance? You add what is known as the Competition Package to modify the power and boost the performance beyond the stock models, even though the stock M5 and M6 are both pretty awesome. These cars with the Competition Package added reach up to 567 horsepower and can make the run to sixty mph in only 4.1 seconds, making yet another very quick BMW for us to marvel at.

  1. X5/X6 M

X6 M

The X symbolizes the SUV models and amazingly they also have great power to move quickly from zero to sixty mph. These two attractive, popular and performance laden models are powered by twin-turbo V8 engines that offers up to a massive 555 horsepower and all-wheel drive to make them both fantastic off road high performance machines. How quickly can they make sixty mph? Try on the time of 4.5 seconds; pretty amazing for a pair of SUV models built for awesome performance that might not otherwise be seen in any other platform in the industry.

  1. M6 Gran Coupe

M6 Gran Coupe

Finally, a Beemer that breaks in faster than four seconds in the sprint to sixty mph, the Gran Coupe makes the run to sixty in only 3.8 seconds. This is the result of the 4.4-liter V8 twin-turbocharged engine that shows up with 560 horsepower, 500 lb.-ft. of torque and a seven-speed dual clutch transmission that makes the driving of this car one of the most exciting and pleasurable on the market. The look of the Gran Coupe is exciting, attractive and a bit sexy if a BMW model can be sexy. As one of the fastest models in this lineup, you can’t go wrong with a Gran Coupe, especially if you have plenty of room to run.

  1. M5 30th Anniversary Edition

M5 30th Anniversary Edition

How do you celebrate thirty years, you build the best model ever in the line and offer it up with no way anyone can offer a single bit if criticism for the car. That is of course the story with this M5 that comes in as one of the absolute most attractive cars BMW has ever offered. With a clean and fluid design the 30th is celebrated by having a 600 horsepower 4.4-liter v8 under the hood that can reach sixty mph in only 3.7 seconds. Unfortunately only 300 are planned to be produced for the entire world, adding exclusivity, a high price tag and the wonder of what the drive is really like in this awesome car.

If you are looking for speed from your BMW dealer, you only need bring this list of awesome cars and SUVs to them in order to gain a vehicle that not only handles perfectly, but also offers a huge amount of performance to keep you in control when you take curves at high speeds or try your hand at a canyon run for some breathtaking scenery.

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