Thinking About The Ford F-150? They May Be Hard To Find Due To Frame Shortages

The Ford F-150 has been a favorite amongst truck enthusiasts for decades. The rugged truck, stylish design, comfort, convenience, and technology have made it a best seller. Not only are the trucks used for commercial use in businesses such as farms and construction, they are used by families to haul their cargo, and get their brood around town to where they need to be. Whatever the use, F-150 remains popular.

For those of you who are thinking about purchasing the powerful Ford F-150, you may want to act fast. Ford has announced that there may be a shortage of the trucks for a while due to a shortage of the frames from suppliers. This could drive demand of the trucks up affecting price and availability. Production of the redesigned F-150 aluminum frame has slowed due to the shortage of frames from their supplier in Kentucky.

Timing on this shortage comes at a bad time since demand for the F-150 is so high right now. Ford had to cut planned overtime hours and send people home early in the past few months. Overtime at both of Ford’s F-150 plants have been cut for the next few months as there isn’t enough work to keep workers busy due to the shortage of aluminum frames for the F-150.

The 2015 Model year is a changeover year for the Ford F-150 which usually makes production run tight as it is, so the frame shortage really does impact the availability of the durable truck. As of May 1st, Ford said it had a 77 day supply of all of its F series trucks. This unfortunate series of events could mean big profit for competitors if the shortage isn’t remedied. Chevrolet, GMC, and RAM have been said to be offering big discounts on their trucks.

One thing’s for sure, when the frames do become available, Ford workers can expect to see many hours of overtime to catch up on the loss of production over the past few months so that they can get the F-150 to market and keep up with the competition. If Ford does end up with an abundance of F-150’s due to competition scooping up market share, it may benefit consumers that want the beefy F-150 since Ford is likely to offer incentives to move the trendy trucks.

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