GM Cars Will “Talk” To Each Other

General Motors is forging the technology front. With smartphone integration for Apple’s CarPlay and Android Auto as well as safety technology coming standard in vehicles, GM is on the cutting edge of the technology market. General Motors is doing it again by testing Cisco Systems technology that could allow cars to “talk” to one another on the road.

So how would this technology work? The cars would use WiFi devices that share the same radio band as vehicle to vehicle safety systems (V2V) without causing interference. GM intends to offer V2V in 2017 Cadillac CTS sedan model. V2V would allow cars to talk to one another and avoid collisions using the 5.9GHz radio spectrum to share information about speed, position, headings, and braking status, which would warn drivers of possible risks.

Safety regulators believe that this technology could provide warnings in 80% of car accidents involving more than one vehicle saving thousands of lives. General Motors submitted testimony to the House Subcommittee on Commerce and Trade ahead of the V2V technology. Some e-commerce companies have pressed for a share of the WiFi services, but some say this could interfere with V2V technology.

If the technology works as expected, it would be integrated with not only passenger vehicles, but it would be installed in emergency vehicles such as police, fire trucks, and ambulance so that they could communicate and tell the other vehicles to move over. It could also be installed in semi trucks making the highways safer for everyone and letting big rig drivers know when there is a vehicle in their blind spot.

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