What Happens with Ethanol Levels are Lowered

The current governmental administration has already announced the amount of ethanol mixed into gasoline that runs in our engines will be lowered.  Although this change will probably not affect most of us, it has an effect on the Midwestern states where most of the corn is grown that is turned into ethanol.  The EPA has changed the Renewable Fuel Standards (RFS) to support this change, but at the same time increases the money that will go into biofuel research to bring us more blends of renewable fuel in the near future such as E15 and E85 to put in our gas tanks.

While there are plenty of arguments on both sides of this particular coin, an increase of $100 million to create a Biofuels Infrastructure Partnership will help bring these blended fuels to more pumps around the country.  There are already many vehicles that are built to run on these renewable fuels and give reasonable results to the owner when it comes to fuel mileage, which makes the continued investment in biofuels one that makes perfect sense for the future which is heading down a path to as many renewable fuels as possible.

The reason we have had movement toward renewable biofuels and away from fossil fuels is the effect on the environment.  Using fossil fuels produces more emissions and isn’t renewable and while there is currently no danger of a shortage of oil in the near future, looking to leave a world to future generations that is better than we have now will require a protection of fossil fuels, a more advanced renewable fuel system and greater use, and much lower emissions in order to protect the environment we all live in.

Along with the need to protect the environment, here at home many in the high level positions are striving to find ways we can rely much less on foreign oil and utilize what we have here in the US.  Even though a lower ethanol content in gasoline would appear to be a victory for oil companies, the government has announced not only the money they intend to invest in renewable fuel research, but the need to increase the use of renewable fuels over the next several years with actual target usage numbers.  This target growth has been referred to as an ambitious but responsible rate to grow the use of renewable fuels.

Currently you probably won’t even notice a difference at the pump when it comes to the ethanol level that is in your gasoline, but you may see and notice more E85 and E15 pumps being installed in your neighborhood gas stations.  Another area you may see the difference will be when shopping for a vehicle.  You will see more vehicles offered with the ability to be powered by these biofuels which gives you the choice of what you want to put in your gas tank.  What comes next for biofuels may be interesting to see as we see new discoveries on a regular basis.

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