You Could Own A Flying Car By 2017

The idea of flying cars is not really a new one. Dreamers and inventors have built prototypes and attempted to make the dream a reality. AeroMobil, a Slovakian company plans to start selling their flying car, the Aeromobil 3.0 in 2017 to consumers. This airplane/car transforms from a car that can drive on regular roads, into an airplane in just seconds by using existing infrastures from automobiles and airplanes.

This “vehicle” will be gas powered with wings that fold so it can be parked like a car. One downside is that it will not fit into your average garage since it is almost 20 feet long. The theory is that this “aircar” can drive down the highway with your average car until it arrives at the airstrip, where it can then “spread” its wings, drive down a strip of grass and fly you to your next destination.

Once airborne, it will operate much like a small airplane does today. Pricing for the aeromobil is yet to be determined since the vehicle is not yet ready for production, but it is expected to range from between what an exotic sports car and small airplane would cost in today’s market. They do have a prototype that is a work in progress and they are still testing the aeromobil to work out any potential bugs that might arise.

The aeromobil will be a two passenger vehicle which will house a pilot and passenger. It will have a single propeller near the rear of the vehicle and top road speed is expected to be 99 miles per hour, while airspeed is expected to be 124 miles per hour. It can run for up to 435 mile before needing to be refueled. It is comprised of a steel framework and carbon coating, while being powered by a Rotax 912 four cylinder engine.

Although this seems like a pretty cool concept, the price tag alone makes it a luxury to most consumers. Let’s not forget that you would have to not only pass your driver’s test, but you would have to take flying lessons to become a licensed pilot in order to fly high in the sky. The AeroMobil is expected, however, to be available to consumers by 2017.

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