Highlighting the Maxima

As we have all heard, the Nissan Maxima nearly was deleted from the lineup and became extinct from the Nissan group of cars offered.  As a majority of the sales for the Maxima are in the US Nissan as a whole took some convincing to keep the Maxima around and offer it as a new generation model.  Now that we have crossed that hurdle, you may be interested to hear about some of the amazing new features that are found on the Maxima for your driving pleasure.  If so, here are five that are certain to whet your appetite for this top performer sedan from Nissan.

Long Running

You may be surprised or just intrigued to know the Maxima is the longest running nameplate in the entire Nissan lineup.  The Z name has been around longer, but there was a gap from 2000-2002 when the Z was not built, making the Maxima the longest running with its current run from 1981 to the present and the new 2016 model will be the eighth-generation of the Maxima sedan.  With a name that has gone for this long you  know the Maxima has been perfected and offers some of the most amazing driving in any sedan.

More to the SR

Some manufacturers show their sporty version with only a few body changes and not much more.  This improves the look of the car, but not so much the actual dynamics and mechanics.  The SR for the Maxima puts on different wheels and tires than the other trims along with a stiffer suspension tuning that ensures much less body roll and tighter handling.  Add in the additional damper in the front suspension that helps take out the excess vibration and the Maxima SR is one sweet and sporty ride.  To give the sportier feel inside the car the trim is Alcantara instead of microsuede to give a much more comfortable feeling.

Color Sharing

The Maxima has a similarity with the GT-R other than the fact they are both made by Nissan.  That similarity comes in the fact they both share the dark blue exterior color called “Deep Blue Pearl”.  This color is only shared between these two and on no other car in the entire Nissan lineup.  Of course you can get the Maxima in other colors, but why on Earth would you not want the color that is shared with the supercar of the lineup?

Toned-Down Design

The overall design of the Maxima may seem like it is quite an exciting design in its own right, but the different phases of design and possible choices were over the top compared to what is now the production version of the 2016 Nissan Maxima.  Even though this is a muted design compared to other versions, there are obvious design cues from the previous model including a floating look at the C-Pillar and the boomerang –shaped lighting accents.  These features certainly make the Maxima one of the most dynamic sedans that are new for 2016 giving us a new top end sedan from Nissan.

Increased Stiffness

The Maxima is to be as close to a sports car without being one as Nissan has to offer which allows it to be 25 percent stiffer than the previous generation.  Even on the models that are not the SR version the Maxima is stiffer and lighter.  The use of a lighter strut tower brace, high strength steel throughout the build and ultra-high-strength steel in the B-Pillars allow the use of aluminum in the body panels which help reduce weight while still adding a great deal of stiffness and strength to the car.

With these interesting facts, shared items and upgraded performance features you can easily see how meticulous the Maxima team was at Nissan to offer this eighth-generation model as one that will certainly beg for a ninth when the time is right.  As this new generation opens up, the Maxima continues to be what we want from a top end sedan; power, performance, style and grace all in one package that ensures the imagination and excitement we have felt for the Maxima for many generations will be able to continue for many more years.

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