Big Plans for Buick

Buick has become known for the past several years as a brand that offers dynamic and highly attractive vehicles that give us the luxury features and comfortable interiors we want without the enormous price tags most of the luxury names as for.  The Buick lineup with its freshness is now a few years old, but not to worry, the brand is once again freshening things up and seems to know exactly how to stay ahead of the curve in order to be successful, which after a dismal year nearly twenty years ago, they have been for nearly two decades.

To start with the Buick Envision that is currently offered in many other countries may finally make its way to the US in 2016 in order to give us a third Buick crossover SUV.  You might feel this is a bit of a saturation of the market, but look at all the other brands and you will find the most successful have several sizes. The Envision is expected to fit right between the Encore and Enclave and may be powered by the same engine we currently see in China which is a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that offers 256 horsepower and 260 lb.-ft. of torque which is attached to a six-speed automatic transmission.

Other new items coming from Buick, some of which will preclude the Envision, include the unleashing of the Cascada which will show up in the first quarter of 2016 to be a very exciting new offering that mirrors the platform Buick is looking to create, one of fun, engaging driving and more attractive cars.  The Cascada will be a great looking luxury style sports car that just might become your next favorite and one that you have been comping at the bit to get hold of, a few more months and it will be here for you.

Other than the Cascada the Verano is expected to be redesigned to become longer, and the LaCrosse will also gain some additional length.  After these two show up next year with new looks, the Envision should appear and then some time in 2017 we will also see a fully redesigned Regal that will certainly be much larger than the Verano as it should be.  With all these changes coming for Buick, the additional size and dynamics will be exactly what we are looking for and the sedans will make a great lineup for luxury with the Cascada offering the sporty excitement and the three SUVs continuing to be leaders in the market, especially with the addition of the Envision.

Buick continues to impress and move forward with ideas and innovations that are meant to be better for customers to enjoy.  Have you seen the new offering of a twenty-four hour test drive?  This gives you the chance to test out any one of the Buick models for an entire day to see of you like and want to enjoy driving one as your daily car.  This should certainly help Buick reach the audience it’s looking to impress, which is everyone.

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