New Cars, Who Makes them the Best?

Every automaker has developed and produced new cars on a regular basis, but only some brands are actually really good at making new cars.  The new cars that are made can sometimes be wrought with the need for recalls, additional parts that have to be put on, and upgrades only a year or two into a model generation.  The fact is that a car is a great new model when it doesn’t require a lot of attention after its first purchase and allows a consumer to enjoy the ride of with the confidence their car will be reliable for them.  Here are the top brands according to Consumer Reports for building new models.

LexusLexus leads the pack with a rating of 78 out of 100 for the brand.  As the luxury lineup from Toyota, Lexus offers luxury cars that have excellent styling, a fantastic menu of great features and a lot of the same bones as their already proven Toyota counter parts which are some of the best on the road.

MazdaMazda comes in second and offers some of the most dynamic styling that you can see on a car brand that makes it way to the mainstream lineup easily.  The score of 75 brings Mazda to this position and once they turned to the “zoom zoom” mantra and began to create a more dynamic driving experience Mazda started to lead the way.

ToyotaThis shouldn’t be a surprise, especially with Lexus at the top of the list.  Toyota continues to have an approach to building new models that is slow but pure, ensuring the vehicle will perform correctly once released.  With a score of 74 Toyota comes in third on this list to be a fantastic brand.

AudiThe Audi lineup is typically very similar across the board and the brand usually only changes a few items at a time. As part of another larger conglomerate in the Volkswagen Group, Audi makes its way to the fourth position with a score of 73 and offers us cars that have some of the best interiors we have ever seen.

SubaruThe reliability factor for Subaru can often be overlooked as many feel this is a niche brand, but the use of standard all-wheel drive on most of the lineup make it a solid car brand that can be one of the best on the road.  With a score of 73 Subaru makes its way to the fifth position on this list which is a great spot for this brand.

PorscheAnother of the Volkswagen Group offerings, Porsche has only an average reliability score but of course a high score of 84 for driving.  The Porsche lineup is one of prestige and precision that finds itself in the sixth spot on this list as the brand continues to give us some of the most fun vehicles to drive.

BuickThis is the highest rated American automaker, which isn’t an overall surprise by any means.  Receiving an overall score of 69 brings Buick to the seventh position overall and with the newness of the lineup and fresh marketing this brand could take over a few more spots with some great added reliability.

HondaThe Honda brand has been synonymous with Toyota for reliability, but has slipped in this category some for the past few years.  With an overall score of 69, which is a solid number the surprise is the fact Honda isn’t rated higher, but the respectable power of the eight spot comes forward as a mark for them to work from.

KiaThis may be a huge surprise, but after coming to the US shores with vehicles that were bargain bin fodder at best Kia has really made the changes needed to become a brand we can all admire and enjoy.  The overall score of a 68 brings Kia to the ninth spot on the list and becomes the only Korean automaker in the top ten.

BMWThe driving enjoyment is highly important for BMW, but reliability is questionable which causes costly repairs at times.  The overall rating of a 66 gives this German automaker the tenth spot on the list.  What BMW can certainly state is the fact that their most direct competitor, Mercedes-Benz, is not in this group.

Making new models is an important part of the automotive business in order to present us with imaginative designs that give us great drives and use the latest technology.  What seems to be the biggest surprise on this top ten for you?  Was it Buick being in the list, the fact that Honda was not at or near the top, or simply the impressive way Lexus tops it off?

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