Some Great Family Cars for 2015

As we see the 2015 model year start to come to a close there are still some great deals that can be had at many dealer lots.  Some of these deals include the family cars that make up a majority of the overall market.  In order to be considered a great family car a vehicle has to offer several features that are important to families and not just to the average driver.  This includes such things as driver assistance features, comfort, safety, integrated child seats, cargo space, rear seat entertainment and some extra features.  With these as the considerations a family car offers room for the whole family to be able to take a trip and enjoy the vehicle for whatever they want it to do for them.  Here are fifteen great family cars you can still get hold of before the model year ends.

Chevrolet ImpalaThe Impala has room for five to fit comfortably, offers a very large truck and has a price that can be affordable for just about every family.  The Impala offers plenty of great features to enjoy and a fantastic fuel efficiency that will allow you to take your family out on a regular basis.

Chevrolet TahoeFor larger families and those who need the ability to have space to haul items and ride in some of the best comfort in the large SUV class the Tahoe is a great choice.  Sitting high on the road the Tahoe offers some great features to enjoy and gives some fun on and off the road for you.

Ford F-150 The F-150 doesn’t seem like it would be a family vehicle, but why not?  The crew cab gives you room for six to sit comfortably and the ride is compliant and enjoyable.  As for trunk space, how about a full bed where you can bring along anything you want no matter what it is for your fun days.

Honda AccordThe Accord has been one of our favorites as a nation for many years.  With a reliable ride and great resale value the Accord offers some of the best space and most fuel efficient engines on the market.  If you want to have a great car for commuting and for the family choose the Accord.

Honda CivicThe Civic is the offering you choose when you need a car that is a little less expensive than the Accord but still gives you enough room for your growing family.  There is room for five in the Civic and you can select some great features to add to it in order to have a ride that you will love.

Honda CR-VThe most popular crossover SUV on the market, the CR-V is the ride you want when you need a bit more space.  With excellent cargo space behind the rear seat and a place you can seat up to five comfortably the CR-V is an SUV that has been built for your family to have the ride you want.

Honda OdysseyOne of the best minivans of the past two decades the Honda Odyssey offers the family everything you could need including rear seat entertainment on the higher trim levels.  As a highly versatile vehicle you could find yourself buying another Odyssey when it’s time to trade in this one.

Hyundai SonataAt the midsized level, the bargain priced brand offers a lot for less, which is certainly important to every family.  Seating for five, comfort included and a sporty look all make the Sonata one of the best choices in the midsized sedan market.

Kia SoulThe Soul is an interesting choice.  It can be set up to fit four or five inside and is the size of a large hatchback or a very small SUV.  Either way, the Soul works for families because it can actually handle all the duties you want to ask it to perform in order to make it to your next destination.

Nissan PathfinderThe Pathfinder has been a family favorite for years.  This midsized SUV fits well with just about every family and offer three rows of seats in an interior which has been fully upgraded to be exactly what you want it to be, near luxury.  Cargo space is also plentiful, making it easy to take a trip.

Ram 1500If a Ford F-150 is a family vehicle, so is the Ram 1500.  In fact, the Ram might be more of a family vehicle as it offers a smoother ride, lower ride height and much better overall fuel efficiency.  The Ram 1500 can certainly take on the duties needed by any family and be the truck you choose.

Subaru OutbackWe know the Outback to be a favorite of going off road with ease.  Equipped with standard AWD the Outback can handle any driving conditions and makes a great choice if you want to find a way to spoil your family with a trip to the ski slopes, a camping site, or out to the lake.

Toyota CamryThe Camry is the most popular sedan on the road and has sold in massive quantities for many years.  Growing families and those with only a couple of children have enjoyed the pleasure of driving the Camry as a commuter vehicle and one that can act as the right car for a weekend trip.

Toyota HighlanderAnother long-time favorite, the Highlander has seating for eight and offers a look and feel that is upgraded and modern.  You can have a wide variety of features added to the Highlander to give you the ability to head off road or to enjoy some great rear seat entertainment along the way.

Toyota SiennaAs one of the most modern minivans, the Sienna makes a great choice for any family to enjoy.  Every member of the family will love the smooth ride and you as the driver can admire the acceleration and full menu of great driver assistance features that are in place on this excellent minivan.

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