A Look Forward at a Top Performer

Mercedes-AMG means performance.  You see these names together and there is no doubt the AMG team has taken a Mercedes-Benz model and upgraded it as they typically do.  This time it’s the C63 Coupe which is a great little sports luxury model.  What we get to see and already know to be a high performing car that can whip around the track, but Mercedes-AMG allows us to look forward and see what the new 2017 model will showcase in order to make the decision the right one if you are in the market for a high performing coupe.

Just looking at the outside you will notice a difference between this and the standard coupe.  In fact the C63 only shares a few body parts with the standard offerings which are the trunklid, the roof and the doors.  Most of the other parts have been made from carbon fiber and certainly recrafted.  The large fender flares give the car a wider stance than the standard coupe by adding 2.5 inches in the front and 2.6 in the rear.  With the wider fenders wider tires are able to be put under the car which come the size of 10 inches wide up front or 11.2 in the back.  The rear diffuser and front intakes are improved to be much better and make this a car that will offer you some awesome performance.

There will be two versions of the C63 in the base model and the C63 S.  The C63 S is considered already to be a monster of a car and the 4.0-liter turbocharged v8 engine that is put in this lineup will show up at 469 horsepower for the C63 and 503 for the C63 S.  Although the C63 S will have more power, it will also be 83 pounds more than the C63 which will weigh in at only 3,770 pounds.  The expected cost for these two sporty versions of the C-Class should come in between $70,000 and $80,000 depending on the version chosen and the equipment aboard.  It seems the only real limitation on this car that you might want to change is the fact it is only offered with the seven-speed automatic transmission, but if you really must shift on your own, paddle shifters are in place to let you do this.

With this turbocharged engine aboard how fast can this lightweight sports coupe run?  It is fast enough to hit the sixty mph mark in 3.8 seconds in the S Coupe and 3.9 in the regular C63.  The top speed has been limited to 155 mph on the regular C63 and upped to 180 mph for the C63 S model.  This is more than enough speed for you to have a great time at the track; learning how to make the turns at the speeds you want and gaining the ability unleash the beast within.

For even better driving, which is what this car is all about; the S Coupe gets active engine mounts which are made to keep the engine in place to keep the drive smooth.  In addition to this upgrade this version offers an electronically controlled rear differential with the regular C63 getting a mechanically upgraded rear diff.  Along with these changes all versions get a Ride Control adaptive suspension to increase the overall ride quality and give you the control you want to make the drive feel precise and ready to go.

Everything on this car is made to work together and offer the sporty dynamics and performance you want from a great sports luxury model.  Before you head out to buy this car, remember it won’t be available for another year, but if you aren’t sure you should buy this year or next, this information should help you make that decision for this fast and amazing sport coupe.

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