What Exactly is the New Maxima?

The Nissan Maxima is one of those cars that seem to fit the US market better than most other cars.  In fact because of its strong sales and following here in the US the Maxima continues to be built after long discussions among the Nissan Brass.  What we have known the Maxima to be is a large sporty sedan that has always offered a great ride on the road and a great deal of power under the hood.  This new Maxima however might be a change from what we have loved for so long into a category that actually can be considered a luxury vehicle instead of a sporty one.

With that in mind, where would you put the Maxima?  Let’s take a look at the evidence and then you can make your decision.  The Maxima offers a transversely mounted engine, front-wheel drive and a CVT which are all distinct qualities of a sedan and not a sports car.  On the other side of that coin, the 19-inch wheels, larger springs and anti-roll bars certainly make for a sport tuned vehicle that is ready to take on the challenges of a track or road course.

These features mentioned are of course on the Maxima SR model, which is the sportiest of the models in the lineup (if you are going to look for sport you gotta look for sport).  This equipment gives an excellent ride on any road and using the Drive Mode Selector to enhance the throttle to sport sensitivities and transmission variables you can see how easily the Maxima can be considered a sport car.  Not only do you get a great ride with all this equipment, but the Maxima shows up with 300 horsepower, isn’t that the first requirement for  a sports car?

On the other hand, the luxury aboard is pretty amazing.  All seats are spacious and comfortable, the fake suede, diamond-patterned stitching and metallic trim give you the full feeling of a luxury vehicle.  Once the lights go down you are met with ambient lighting that is exquisite and enticing.  It’s easy to fall in live with the elegant feeling of the Maxima from every seat which has more than enough space even for taller adults in the rear seats.  If all this isn’t enough to convince you of the luxury of this car, check out the eight-inch touch screen infotainment screen and enjoy the quietness of the cabin where you won’t hear any road noise at all.

What makes this car so quiet to drive starts with the new tuning which includes a new oil pan that stiffens the bottom of the engine block.  The use of a Bose noise-cancelling audio system makes use of the features of the car to ensure all noise that belongs outside stays there.  This helps to give you the perfect ride in a cabin that is polished in style and grace and makes for a place away from the noise so you can enjoy your music or the simplicity of silence.

Looking under the hood the V6 engine benefits from 61 percent new or redesigned parts that boost the power to the 300 horsepower but lacks the use of direct injection which would upgrade the sporty factor.  At an overall weight of 3545 pounds the Maxima is light on its feet and can reach sixty mph in 5.9 seconds and with 261 lb.-ft. of torque the engine can easily move the car at the low end of the spectrum as well.

With a CVT attached you would expect a smooth but revving engine however the Maxima has been programmed to give shift responses that feel like a conventional automatic transmission, which certainly bows toward a sports sedan.  So what does the Maxima actually offer you?

What the Maxima should be classified as is not a four-door sports sedan, or a luxury sedan, but a sport luxury sedan.  With the driving capabilities that are found in this amazing car you can be sure you will have one of the best rides on the road.  This is certainly a car that bows its head to our American way of life where we don’t just want a luxury car or a sporty car, but we want one that has characteristics of both and comes at a great price, which certainly embodies what the Maxima is.

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