More for the New Year

As this has been a series about bringing you ten new cars at a time for the 2016 model year we have looked at a wide variety of awesome new vehicles that are going to be great as your next vehicle.  It may be hard to choose the right one, especially with so many new models on the market, but there is sure to be at least one car out there that speaks to you in a way that others don’t.  You just have to find the right car, which could give you the opportunity to enjoy a variety of great test driving experiences until the perfect car is found; have fun.

Kia CadenzaKia has come a long way and the Cadenza is evidence of that fact.  This beautiful car has no real changes for 2016 but is already a great car to drive.  You can look to the base price of $36,000 which offers you a well-equipped model or you can start adding items such as Nappa leather, a panoramic sunroof, a navigation system or a 550-watt Infinity audio system depending on your trim selection.

Kia Forte/Forte5/Koup – As one of the most versatile vehicles on the market the Forte comes in a sedan, coupe or hatchback body style.  Even though the base price for this lineup comes in at $17,000-$22,000 the Forte gives you standard features that include a navigation system and a cooled driver’s seat.  You can even up the performance and comfort with a Si model or the Koup SX which both bring sport into the equation.

Kia K900This car is one that has been an enigma for Kia.  Because the brand name does not invoke the thought of luxury you can certainly be taken off guard with this vehicle that is a pure luxury model.  The K900 gives you a starting price that is awesome in the luxury lineup and gives you an excellent array of features and equipment to enjoy that will certainly make the luxury names quake in their proverbial shoes to stay ahead of Kia.

Kia OptimaThe Optima has been one of our favorite sedans for many years and comes in with an all new look and features that give you the equipment you want at the price you can afford.  As a car that can be outfitted with a wide variety of items to be the right car for you.  All models have been given a bit of an upgrade with lower noise and vibrations along with a stiffer chassis and smoother transmission to have a better and quieter ride.

Kia Rio/Rio 5-Door – Only a few items have been upgraded for this car which give it a black cloth and gray leather interior along with a much lower amount of noise, vibration and harshness to offer a smoother ride and more engaged suspension.  As the economy model from Kia you won’t feel like you have bought a fully economy car even at the price that ranges completely below $20,000.  The Rio is the perfect choice for a young student or a professional just getting started.

Kia Soul/Soul EV – When you have something that works for you it’s not always a good idea to change it and the Soul is Kia’s way of saying “we aren’t fixing what isn’t broken”.  This quirky hatchback that has made dancing hamsters popular offers a great look plenty of amazing equipment and a powertrain that will provide you with the fuel sipping that you need.  At the base price this is a great choice for a student but at the higher trim levels you will want to keep it for yourself.

Lamborghini AventadorOf course this is a supercar, it’s also one that is available in the lineup for 2016 and will give you a wicked ride, especially if you scheduled some track time.  The V12 under the hood will offer up either 691 or 740 horsepower depending upon how you have it tuned (the Superveloce is the more powerful).  With a bit of a weight reduction and a ton of carbon fiber you have to smile every time you drive this car.

Lamborghini HuracanAs the more affordable Lamborghini (as if $243,000 is actually affordable) the Huracan is a beautiful and amazing car to drive.  With no changes for 2016 you can enjoy the awesome 602 horsepower that is churned out of this massive V10 engine.  The car lost 335 pounds for last year to bring us more performance and with the AWD on board you will want to schedule your track time every weekend.

Lexus CTWhen you want a hatchback but you also want luxury this car makes the best choice.  With a variety of great features that you are used to from Lexus and a price that starts lower than many mainstream sedans the CT is a great choice for city driving especially in the hybrid model that can give you some all electric driving to enjoy.  Just because you want to lower your emissions and enjoy fuel savings doesn’t mean you have to give up comfort.

Lexus ESThe ES sedan gains a great deal of amazing upgrades for 2016.  With new LED headlights, a partially-integrated dual exhaust system, a new design for the taillights and even a new spindle grill this Lexus is sharp and attractive from every angle.  On the inside you will see some great improvements as well which will show you that Lexus is on top of their game when it comes to technology and improvements that you can fully enjoy.

This list gives you a look at a few very different vehicles.  So much to choose from with price, fuel mileage and desire as the driving forces behind your new vehicle purchase decision the right car for you just might be one of these ten great offerings.  If not, just wait for the next part of our series and see if another one excites you.

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