Safety at the Highest Level

The IIHS safety ratings are often considered the most important and well respected tests of whether or not a vehicle is safe. The tests for the top safety rating used to mean a simple crash test and a look at how the dummies survived in the cabin area of the vehicle.  We have enjoyed the commercials with the crash test dummies telling us about safety but these guys have given automakers a lot to think about in order to make a vehicle that will actually protect you in an accident.  The test for the IIHS have developed from these crash tests to the tests of airbags and the review of what safety features are on board in order to avoid a collision as much as protect the occupants in a crash.

When you hear safety the first name that usually comes to mind is Volvo.  Long lauded for their advanced safety features and leading technology meant to keep everyone safe and secure this brand has been popular with families for the confidence you can have for the safety of your entire family.  Even though most Volvo vehicle have been considered ugly and boxy for many years they were purchased in droves because of the safety that is inside.

With advanced styling changes, Volvo vehicles have now come into their own and become well-crafted and great looking vehicles for us to want to drive.  No longer do we have to settle for the Volvo because it’s safe, the elegant styling offered on today’s models have become great looking vehicles that still have all the safety features you want.  At the top of the list is the flagship SUV the XC90 which has received the Top Safety Pick + rating from IIHS for the amazing safety features and driver assistance technology.

For the front crash test, which has been the benchmark of a safe vehicle for many years the XC90 receive a grade of “superior”.  This not only was due to the crash technology aboard but also the prevention technology which includes a lot of ways to avoid a collision with sensors and automatic braking when a sensor is tripped.  This helps to prevent crashes in many vehicles and is being considered for standard offerings on a variety of vehicles in the US.  The XC90 receive high marks in many of the other crash tests as well which allows the vehicle to be a great SUV for the whole family in regards to safety.

The XC90 is not only a vehicle that makes sense for crash test and safety of the family but is also a great luxury SUV that will be perfect for you to drive and enjoy the great features of the vehicle.  Volvo was able to bring us great style in vehicles that are still extremely safe for the whole family, which makes them one that you should certainly consider when searching for the great new vehicle that will be perfect for you and your whole family.


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