When you Just Gotta Have a Wedge

When you think of a wedge what comes to mind.  For those of you who thought of pulling the underwear out of your behind let’s get past the juvenile humor (it might be hard for me too).  Most of the time you think of a wedge as a shape that is triangular in shape and may be the item to keep your door open (aka. a doorstop) or as a piece you use to strengthen a connection when building something.  You might not think of the wedge-shape as one that would describe some of the most beautifully crafted and elegant cars on the planet but it certainly does.

Here are several wedge-shaped cars for you to understand the beauty of the wedge (not the wedgie):

Lamborghini Countach In the 1980s  this car was on the walls of millions of teenage boys around the world and in the garage of those lucky few who got the privilege to drive and own this awesome car.  Today one might fetch a price as high as $1 million at auction.

De Tomaso PanteraFor whatever reason this wedge design was meant to cut through the air better than any other design.  This Italian design with a Ford V8 offers plenty of power and beauty in its amazing shape and would be easier on the wallet than the Lamborghini.

Vector W8This amazing car was extremely rare and looking at it makes anyone wish it had been mass produced.  With only nineteen total in existence, seventeen that were sold and two preproduction models this car could have and should have been more of a signature item.

Aston Martin LagondaThe Lagonda can be described as many shapes and wedge is one of them although this car resembles some of the older Lincolns more than the Lamborghini.  Although the shape is in question the tech inside was crazy for the mid-70s and early 80s.

Maserati KhamsinAs the first to be designed by Bertone you can see they hit a home run with this car which was small, wedge shaped an sporty to give us a car that would be a lot of fun to drive, especially around a track that allowed the car to be unleashed.

Triumph TR-7This car looks great, offers the flip up headlights that were a popular fixture on wedge-shaped cars and gave us a roadster that looked like fun.  Unfortunately this is also a car that had a habit of being highly unreliable in every form and was frustrating to own.

Lotus Esprit This was probably one of only a few wedges that could rival the Lamborghini, mostly because it showed up in two Bond movies but also because it is simply gorgeous and easy to love.  This car actually stayed in its basic form from 28 years making it the longest running wedge.

Lacia StratosThis car is certainly a wedge and a polarizing one.  It was made to win rally races, which it did and many think this is a car that is striking in its appearance, but another school of thought is that this was one ugly car; what do you think?

Ferrari F40Another of the top beauties the F40 has the distinction of being the last road car approved by Enzo himself.  This car was made to save weight any way it could and that included being light on the paint which shows off the carbon fiber underneath in the right light.

Lamborghini DiabloLamborghini loves its wedge shapes and uses the shape to be aggressive with the stance of the car.  As the first of the Lambos to reach over 200 mph the Diablo holds a special place in history not only for the car but also for the bull it’s named after.

Ferrari TestarossaIf you didn’t have a Countach you had a Testarossa on your wall as this car was one of the most attractive and lauded cars in history.  Beautiful, fast, elegant and of course a wedge shape that made us all swoon at the appearance.

BMW M1As the first supercar from BMW the M1 was wedge-shaped and has a mid-mounted six-cylinder engine that gave it a great appeal.  Rare for a BMW model only 400 were made and this car holds a special place in the automotive world for the design and rarity.

DeLorean DMC-12One of the most famous wedge-shaped cars that we pretty much only think of a time machine but the DMC-12 was an awesome car that gave a performance that could be seriously enjoyed had the company survived.

Ferrari Dino 308 GT4This was an extremely affordable Ferrari and one that could be driven just about anywhere.  As the smaller model the Dino was a sensible choice for a sports car that you could have a lot of fun with and not feel bad that something would become misaligned.

TVR TasminThe TVR lineup followed where this car took it as it inspired a great line of cars in the 1980s for the fun of driving.  The 350 SE and 420 SEAC were built with a similar style and gave owners the fun they wanted from a sporty car at a price everyone could afford.

After that lineup of wedges you certainly can understand why the wedge-shape has been so popular as so many of our favorites have come in with this shape.  What is your favorite wedge-shaped car and why did it make it to the top of your list?


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