Mitsubishi is Bringing Something New

For many of us the Mitsubishi name has not meant much more than a discount automaker that offers vehicles most of us would rather not buy but sometimes have to.  As much as that may seem harsh, this feeling has been the reputation for a while and with the exception of a performance car or a nice crossover Mitsubishi has lost most of its hold in the US.  Even though the company certainly has taken its hits over the years and does not have a model that garners the same respect as the Toyotas or the Hondas, Mitsubishi has not stopped and certainly is not ready to go away.

With the Tokyo Motor Show scheduled for the end of October Mitsubishi has been hard at work creating a vehicle that will be their next concept and will give us a look at what this automaker is up to.  Of course we will also get to see some of the great upgrades that will be showcased and certainly the goal of changing from the bargain bin of cars to one that is seriously full of performance, comfort and versatility will be present, but what Mitsubishi will show us as the next crossover concept may take all the attention.

This new concept is called the eX Concept and offer a dramatic view of what a crossover could be.  In a world where we can’t get enough compact crossover SUVs this model shows off with the signature grill, narrow headlights with large lower lights.  it rides in on extra large wheels and offers very tiny side mirrors so there is no way we will ever consider that it’s a production mode.  With an array of body lines and a fully tinted set of glass this could be the beauty Mitsubishi has been looking for, but it’s certainly much more than that.

Mitsubishi claims the eX Concept is powered by the “next-generation EV system” which will offer an all-electric drive and a fantastic range.  This concept is to offer an AWD system along with an automated driving system to use when desired along with all the technological connectivity we want and the active safety features we need.  As a gorgeous and intriguing prototype, the eX Concept can certainly gain the attention it needs and if the proper range is offered, this could have car experts talking at the Tokyo Auto Show.

Even though we don’t have any specific numbers, just the rendering alone is enough to make it easy to see why you might head over to the Mitsubishi booth at the show.  While there take a look at some of the other models offered as well, you might be surprised to learn that this brand that seemed to have quieted for so long is now ready to make a loud and proud statement once again.  If the eX Concept makes it to production this could easily be the vehicle that changes the direction for Mitsubishi for the long haul, creating hysteria from the Japanese automaker and challenging many others to step up their game.

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