A Lexus for the Tokyo Auto Show

Lexus is the luxury brand from Toyota which happens to be one that brings a lot of attitude and confidence every time they present a car to us.  Their concepts typically are more elegant, better styled and certainly bolder in their appearance than many other manufacturers bring to the auto shows.  When Lexus tells us they are preparing to offer a new concept at the upcoming show its certainly begs attention no matter how much information we have on this vehicle.  What has been announced is we will see a new concept that is expected to be the new LS Sedan.

The LS Sedan has been a semi-flagship model for Lexus in the past and as a one of the larger models gives them the flexibility to dynamic with the style and offers a massive amount of show to the car.  Not only will we see a new LS Sedan, but word is there may be the SC coupe, which is the coupe version of the LS, to be offered as well and give us a large and luxurious sports coupe that is styled to the max with a look that will catch our eye and show us something new and better from this amazing brand.

We do know this new LS will be styled well and be the basis of the next look for Lexus which is expected to take the polarizing look of the spindle grill and add to the look to create more dynamic looks.  Because this car will be the look that carries forward there is a chance that we could actually be fully surprised by the new look of the LS sedan and SC coupe.  At the end of this month we will get the look and numbers that we want to know about, but for now Lexus has given us a sneak peek at the stats that are important to all luxury sports car lovers.

This pair is to be powered by a 5.0-liter V8 engine which should come in with 465 horsepower and a hybrid that will actually up the horsepower to 535.  If this just isn’t enough, the F version is being worked on that will add twin turbocharging to the car and show up with somewhere near 600 horsepower or more.  This certainly is more than enough power to give us a car that will excite us and hopefully make its way to production so that we can enjoy the ride.

With this news, even just the news of Lexus offering a new concept at the Tokyo auto show I can’t wait to see what comes out on October 28th when the show begins.  There is no doubt, with all the information that has come out of Lexus that this new LS concept will be simply amazing and offers us a look that many will love and others will hate but still love.  Which side of the fence will you be on with this new Lexus concept?

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