2016 Audi allroad: What is it?

The Audi allroad has become an interesting vehicle that fills a void in the lineup that many may have thought wasn’t there, but Audi saw it.  The void is the fact that Audi did not have an in-between vehicle that fits to go from their cars to their SUVs, but now they do.  The allroad offers you the look and feel of an SUV with the drive of a sedan in the size of a wagon that lets you proudly drive a vehicle that certainly can give the Volvo V60 and Subaru Outback runs for their money.

It’s no secret that we need more space in many of our vehicles and the old clunky station wagon gave us the space but most was not anything else for us to enjoy.  Now with the allroad we have a luxury wagon that will give us the space and drive like a car.  With so many SUVs heading to smaller sizes this won’t even look like a wagon, but fall more in line with the compact crossover market.  For 2016 the allroad changes some of the options by adding a multifunction steering wheel to the Premium model along with the Advanced Key feature while the Premium Plus will offer the Bang & Olufsen audio system to upgrade the Technology package.

Looking to the power for this people and cargo hauler, the allroad uses a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine that shows up with 220 horsepower and 258 lb.-ft. of torque.  This engine is attached to one of the most dynamic transmissions in the market in the form of the eight-speed automatic transmission and with the Quattro AWD that is part of the standard offering this powertrain is one you can easily love.  The fuel mileage does come in at 21 city/28 hwy mpg which is the only negative for the vehicle, but it’s certainly a tradeoff to have this space and nice powertrain.

When you look to standard features, the Audi lineup has the most impressive interior in the entire luxury market.  This car offers you leather upholstery, a panoramic sunroof, HID headlights, LED running lights, heated front seats, a 6.5-inch color screen with audio, climate and vehicle controls on the screen, Bluetooth connectivity, a tri-zone climate control, a power rear liftgate, and Audi’s music interface that offers access to an iPod and iPhone to feed music through the audio system.

As we continue to add to the car, the list of optional features include the infotainment suite of apps, driver assistance features which include side assist blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control and navigation, Advanced Key for keyless entry, push button starting, Bluetooth streaming, sport front seats, rear side airbags and the upgraded Bang & Olufsen audio system.  These features take this wagon from a nice place to enjoy the ride to a great place to take a ride and certainly give you the features you want to take this car out and enjoy the use of every possible feature you can afford.

Of course some features stand out above the others and the two that do so with the allroad are the Audi Connect with Google Maps and the upgraded Bang & Olufsen audio system.  You can get the street view image from Google Maps and enjoy the fact that you can have a great way to see where you are going which allows voice commands and home computer connectivity.  The sound system speaks for itself as a 505-watt system that gives you 14 speakers to love the sounds you want to hear form your car sound system.

The next question for the allroad might be how much does this cost?  the base price for this car comes in at $43,625 which is a little higher than some of the Audi SUVs, but this car offers more standard equipment for you to love.  Certainly with the best interior in the luxury market you can see why you would want to enjoy the allroad over the Subaru Outback, which is about the only less expensive wagon-like SUV on the market, or you can head to a higher price mark with the BMW 328i xDrive, Volvo V60 Cross Country or others, but the allroad is the right choice for you to enjoy the ride.

Even though many feel a wagon has a style that is cumbersome to look at and drive, the allroad is not such a vehicle.  This car offers a gorgeous look that gives it much of the beauty of the other Audi vehicles in the lineup such as the small grill, the attractive headlights, smooth lines and a great hood to roof angle.  This car even has a higher ride height to enjoy and adds skidplates so you can take it off road to put it in line with performance such as the Subaru Outback.

As mentioned, Audi has the best interior in the luxury market and certainly this car offers you a lot of added space that you wouldn’t have on other vehicles.  The volume of 27 cubic feet in this car behind the rear seat that can increase to 57 cubic feet with the seat down this car can give you all the space you want to have to carry what you need.  All seats are comfortable to sit in, making it easy to enjoy a ride along the road with up to five people on board, giving everyone a great ride to feel relaxed and even a bit pampered.

The drive of this spacious wagon is amazing.  In line with the rest of the Audi lineup the allroad offers a drive that you can feel confident in and enjoy a smoothness you might not expect.  The suspension, power and stiffness of the chassis give you the feel you want for driving this car in a way that makes it easy to take a family road trip, head out to the ballgame or just handle the tasks around town for you.  If you want a car with more space and don’t want the size of an SUV, the luxury laden and off road capable allroad is the right choice for you.

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