Small Luxury is the Way to Go

For so many years we thought of luxury as equivalent to size.  Do you remember the large Caddy’s or the long Lincolns that used to prowl the streets?  These cars were comfortable and offered some great features along with plenty of space but where massive and sometimes difficult to drive.  Now we see many luxury vehicles that are built and are much smaller than ever before.  You can buy small BMW models or Mercedes-Benz offerings that are no bigger than your average hatchback or compact car.  Keeping in mind the luxury is not associated with size anymore, here are several of the most luxurious vehicles you can find that are closer to being pint sized than ever before:

Infiniti Q30Using a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine this little compact hatchback gives you a gorgeous style to behold and plenty of amazing luxury features that are part of the Infiniti lineup.  Although it’s small you are greeted on the inside with an amazing array of great upgrades and safety to make this a vehicle you will want to drive.

Lexus CT 200hPowered by a 1.8-liter four-cylinder hybrid engine this car offers the signature style from Lexus that has become synonymous with bold beauty.  With a cabin full of different materials, trims and looks and plenty of awesome equipment the CT 200h is a car that gives you a mouse-like remote controller and a beautiful ride on any road.

Audi S3How often is 292 horsepower the sport/power variant of a car? Not often but this little speedster is a lot of fun to drive and offers the Quattro AWD for you to enjoy.  With great steering response this car plays nicely on the road and with one of the most impressive cabins on the market today the S3 is an awesome car to drive.

Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMGWhen you think of the AMG models you typically think of large powerful monsters, but this one is the smallest in the lineup, but it does make for some great performance.  Not only do you get to enjoy the sporty driving of an AMG but you will appreciate the equipment and vast menu of great features that are found in the cabin of this great car.

BMW i3 Where luxury meets an electric motor the i3 offers a hatchback style that is fun and certainly gives you the best emissions around at zero.  The body is made from carbon fiber reinforced plastic and the control elements of the car allow you to take full advantage of the vehicle which means driving what is the next way of amazing electric powered automobiles.

Audi Q3This little crossover SUV is amazing and offers some of the best features for you to enjoy.  As the small crossover in the Audi lineup this is proof that great things come in a small package.  With the Quattro AWD and plenty of cargo space, 48 cubic feet to be exact, the Q3 has a place for function and offers you some of the best luxury in the lineup.

Mercedes-Benz GLA 250As the smallest crossover SUV on the Mercedes-Benz list the GLA 250 looks great and is a comfort player with a beautiful three-toned interior that is full of technology and advancements.  This little SUV is the choice you should make when you want some dynamics to go along with a great looking position to drive from.

Acura ILXAcura ILXWith the same bones as the Honda Civic the ILX is a highly attractive choice that gives you upscale appearance features such as LED headlights and taillights to make for one of the most attractive cars on the road.  The engine is reasonably powered and the amazing interior looks awesome with the data and infotainment screens situated together.

Mini Cooper Hardtop JCW The John Copper Works edition of the Mini Cooper is full of great features and has a peppy engine to give you a car that can be a lot of fun to drive.  This is the high performance model of the car which allows you to know you have one of the best performance machines on the market from a name that has a historic prestige.

Fiat 500 Abarth Another small European offering the Fiat 500 Abarth uses a small engine but one that is more than enough to get this tiny luxury player moving.  Offering you a full focus on design and features this car is one that will give you the look and feel you want from the dynamic and well-designed control center that is at the heart of this cool little car.

BMW 228i The 228i is one of the smallest cars in the BMW lineup as part of the 2-Series segment that gives us compact luxury in a form that is both athletic and attractive.  BMW is known for the driving performance and the 228i does not disappoint at all while still giving you more than enough features on the inside to make you smile every time you head down the road.

Buick VeranoWhile the Verano is plenty sporty, keeping in line with the youthful approach Buick has embraced, this is a car built on comfort just as much as performance.  Using a soft suspension and plenty of great soft touches inside and out the Verano is one that shows you a gorgeous car with an awesome interior that can get going in a hurry.

BMW X1 As the smallest crossover SUV in the BMW lineup the X1 is a performance player in the segment that allows you to have the space you want and still enjoy the ride.  With 21.7 cubic feet of space behind the rear seat you this crossover is one of the most impressive small luxury vehicles we have seen in a long time.

Cadillac ELRThe ELR has been one that some love and others hate.  It is an electric powered luxury coupe that has plenty of power and the ability to give you a great savings from the tax credits you can enjoy.  The ELR is attractive and unique with nothing else we see on any road looking quite like this little luxury beauty.

Mercedes-Benz B250eThis tiny electric drive SUV offers you the only all-electric vehicle from Mercedes- Benz to be the choice you want to make when you need a great driving car to let you get up to speed quick and enjoy the fun of an all-electric vehicle.  The interior is filled with fantastic features such as the infotainment system and the attractive metal and leather trimmings on the inside.

These fifteen vehicles show you how much you can enjoy some luxury at a great price and at the smaller sizes.  No longer is a luxury vehicle relegated to a large looming car that must be driven only on the weekends for the slow Sunday drives in the country, but now these vehicles are fantastic as every day driving machines to give you the best features on the market every time you turn the key.

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