November Sales Tell the Story

Looking at the numbers from November tells a tale of success as well as failure.  Overall the market has seen an increase of 1.6 percent over the same month a year ago and even though it doesn’t sound like much more cars sold is always a good thing.  With 1.3 million vehicles sold in the market for November and a total increase through eleven months of 5.5 percent the auto world is certainly on the rise.  With that in mind, let’s take a look at who did well and who was in the basement when it comes to sales to see what the trends were for November


JeepWe love our Jeep models and at times the name has been called upon to carry the FCA group.  The off road capability and fun of driving a vehicle from this brand have brought a 19.9 percent increase over last year’s sales.  This gives Jeep a little under 69,000 vehicles sold in November and a full 23,3 percent increase over last year for the year to date numbers.  That relates to a full 775,000 vehicles sold with the Jeep name on them so far this year, carrying the torch strong for FCA.

ScionAs the small, younger sibling of Toyota this brand is made for fun and offers an easy and hassle free way to purchase, making it an attractive brand for first-time buyers.  The increase for November is promising since the brand had been sliding much of the year and the increase of 32.7 percent for November helped to boost their numbers.  This results in a total sales of 5,183 cars but the brand overall is down 6.5 percent to last year.  A great December could certainly help turn this around completely for Scion and let them end up with a positive number for the year.

Land RoverBecause this brand can and is everywhere it’s really not that surprising that it has a positive increase in sales, the surprise is in how much over last year this brand sold.  The increase is up 79.4 percent over the same month last year and the total increase for the year is nearly 36 percent for the year.  This does translate to 6,500 vehicles sold for November which is astonishing for the price and luxury these amazing SUVs offer to the customers to fully enjoy, but only so many can actually afford.

Alfa RomeoWith an increase of 83.3 percent which does only mean a total of 44 cars, Alfa Romeo shows a strong increase.  This highly exotic and exclusive brand has made a total sale number of 606 car for the year thus far, but at Alfa Romeo it’s not about volume as much as it’s about beauty and the relationship customers have with their car.  While this doesn’t seem like many cars at all, the brand is positive their cars are some of the most beautiful and exclusive in the world, which I would have to agree with.

Volvo For November Volvo had the highest percent increase over the same month last year.  This increase is 90.5 percent more than last year for the vehicles that come under the name of the safest vehicles on the planet.  With exceptional styling and awesome feature Volvo is certainly on the rise, letting us see the were able to sell 6,900 vehicles last month and have increase by 18 percent for the year to a total sales over 60,700 overall.  Volvo style, performance and safety are on the rise and seem to have no place to stop which can lead to an interesting end of the year.


JaguarJaguar saw a decrease in their luxury models that seem to be a bit alarming.  Part of the problem could be a lack of separation between this brand and the likes of Ford and Lincoln, or it could be the lack of performance of some of the vehicles offered.  For November the numbers were down 15 percent to a total sales of 1,065 which doesn’t help the overall number for the year which is already at a 6 percent decrease over last year through eleven months.  Jaguar needs something to help boost their sales.

BuickWith the massive advertising campaigns and the 24 hour test drive program it may be surprising that Buick has not moved more vehicles this past month.  Apparently this is not helping Buick versus last year as they had a 16.6 percent decrease over November which was just under 16,000 vehicles sold.  The total sales for the year stand at just above the 202,000 mark which makes for a full 3 percent decrease compared to the total year to day for 2014.  December just might be kind to Buick if they offers some great deals for holiday shoppers.

AcuraAcura has had a horrible month at a total loss of 17.6 percent over the November sales from 2014.  This shows up as a total of 12,000 cars sold during the month, but one bad month for the luxury brand from Honda is not going to cause too much alarm.  We still love to buy the Acura name and enjoy the drive and performance these gorgeous vehicles have to offer us.  Overall for 2015 Acura is on pace to have a good year with sale that are already at a nearly 7 percent increase over last year.

VolkswagenThis brand name will not come as any surprise and will surely be on this list for many months to come until they hit a year after the scandal began.  VW is feeling the effects of the reporting of its diesel-emissions and saw a decrease of sales of 24.7 percent compared to last year which translates to a little less than 24,000 units sold.  Overall for the year the brand has sold 319,000 vehicles through November which is a decline of 4.3 percent over the same time period last year, but this decline is expected to continue for a long time.

BentleyThis brand has experienced the largest decline over the same month last year at 41.8 percent and a total of 188 cars.  This brand may be suffering because of the relationship it has with Volkswagen, but it also could be a simple trend with their total of nearly 19 percent decline for the entire year thus far.  Bentley certainly won’t suffer and when their new models arrive they will bounce back quickly, but sometimes a company has to weather a storm of decline before the trend turns around to bring a positive result once again.

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