Nurburgring Nordschleife Track Speed Limits Raised

Nothing makes an organization step back and takes a look at their practices and procedures like a fatal accident.  Whether it’s at an assembly plant, during high risk operations, through a simple process that goes awry or any other situation that somehow causes a person to lose their life, many times this is what it takes to make necessary changes.  In March a fatal crash at the world renowned Nurburgring Nordschleife course caused the track to add speed limits to two sections of the track in order to avoid a second fatality taking place.

These speed limits were not like the limits you see on the highway, in one section of the track the limit was 124 mph and the other section allowed for speeds up to 155 mph.  Even though this sounds like a compromise and one that really doesn’t limit cars and their abilities, this certainly hurt the ability of supercars to run through these areas a top speeds.  In addition to the speed limits that were put in place there was also a ban put on record lap-time attempts which has kept several speedsters from being able to show what they can do compared to the competition. 

In order to make a case for raising the speed limits and allowing cars to test as fast as they want once again the areas that had the speed limits put on them are being improved with better safety barriers and surfaces that are less likely to allow a car to become airborne.  This includes resurfacing 500 meters of the Quiddelbacher Hohe area which is a portion of the track where cars typically find ways to catch air and end up driving out of control on a track that is made to challenge the best driving instincts of both the cars and drivers that attempt these speed runs at the track.

Does this mean the ban on record lap-times will be lifted soon?  That’s hard to say, but since the ban was put in place shortly after the speed limits were instituted we will see.  Right now this ban is keeping supercars from being able to chase down the record times set by their competition, but with the right safety improvements this may be the next part of the legendary track that is changed, making it possible to show off the massive amount of power and performance these cars have to offer.

The speed limit change at Nordschleife makes perfect sense and it was only a matter of time before this was changed.  Nicknamed the “Green Hell” this track is poised to be ready to let cars take off and test their wares at the track again with no limits on the speed that can be achieved during any part of the track.  We may soon see supercars, sports cars, hot hatches and even SUVs show off their numbers once again as they make their way around this awesome and challenging track full of twists and turns to make any car happy to have been built.

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