The Real Off-Roader in its Class is the 2016 Lexus GX

The Lexus GX is set up to compete against the likes of the BMW X5, Acura MDX, Infiniti QX60 and Audi Q7.  This may seem like a bit of a unique group because the GX is different from all of them.  In a class full of SUVs that are made to be unibody models and provide excellent driving which is more like a sedan than a rugged off road vehicle.  the GX offers you full-time 4WD and a body on frame construction to ensure you can have an SUV that may ride a bit rougher on the roads but is perfect for off road needs, which the rest on this list don’t seem to be made for.

When you need a vehicle that is right for carrying as many as seven people or for pulling a trailer into areas that take you for more of an adventure the Lexus GX is the right choice to make.  With the ability to be a great off road vehicle and one filled with luxury features you can enjoy the best of both worlds wit this SUV.  For 2016 there are only a few changes.  Sepia and black are now choices you can make for the interior color and the navigation system on the Enform App Suite has been upgraded with Destination Search along with a new Lexus Enform Remote that allows some functions to be controlled remotely.

When you want a vehicle that is easy to drive and makes for a compliant drive on the pavement but seems to be poised for something more this is the SUV to choose.  The GX is made to be ready to head out for the weekend of fun you can have at the remote location and bring along some added equipment.  With the ability to tow up to 6,500 pounds this is an SUV that brings the party wherever you want to go so you can have a great time or have all the gear needed to build what you want.

In true SUV fashion, the Lexus GX gives you only one engine, but it’s one that works well and is perfect for the drive of this big SUV.  The engine used is a 4.6-liter V8 that offers up 301 horsepower and 329 lb.-ft. of torque.  This is attached to a six-speed automatic transmission with the full-time 4WD to give you the fuel mileage of 15 city/20 hwy mpg.  Yes, this SUV is beat by most of the competition for fuel mileage but you bought this one for power and off road ability and that is exactly what it delivers.

The exterior of the GX 460 offers you a tall, square shape that quickly and easily let you see the fact that a large and imposing SUV can still be attractive and perfect for the job of making a great ride.  You won’t see any aerodynamics on this SUV that will keep you from enjoying the space and size this SUV offers.  There is nothing better than a large vehicle to take the family and all the gear to the off road destination.

When you step foot in the cabin of this SUV you will immediately see the great features of the GX and make use of the three rows of seats that fit seven people.  You can fold the third row down flat and the second row in a 40/20/40 fashion to give you more cargo space.  Up front the control panel and equipment of the GX let you take a ride with all the driver information you could as for while sitting comfortably on the leather upholstered seats that give you support as well.  Your passengers will love the infotainment system and the style and comfort of this large Lexus.

On the base model of the Lexus GX 460 you will enjoy synthetic leather upholstery, wood trim, ten way power front seats, dual zone climate controls, a rearview camera, a power moonroof, a power operated tilt/telescoping steering wheel, Bluetooth connectivity, a nine-speaker audio system with an eight-inch touch screen, two USB inputs, Siri Eyes Free iPhone compatibility, ten airbags, active headrests and the Lexus Safety Connect system which comes with 24/7 emergency services.  This gives you a fantastic SUV to drive even at the base level with a myriad of awesome features.

Moving up to the Premium trim adds real leather upholstery, a tri-zone automatic climate control system, mahogany trim, LED fog lights and Intuitive Parking Assistance.  At the top of the line, the Luxury trim adds an Adaptive Variable Suspension, Blind Spot Monitoring, Rear Cross Traffic Alerts, power folding outside mirrors, a wood and leather trimmed heated steering wheel and a power fold flat third row of seats.  You can also add a seventeen-speaker Mark Levinson Premium Surround Sound audio system and a Driver Support Package along with a dual screen rear entertainment system.

Of all the awesome features you can have on a large luxury SUV such as the Lexus GX you might be surprised to find the suspension and 4WD as two that stand out the most.  On this Lexus, the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) allows the vehicle to be controlled and stiff on the pavement but have more play and travel on uneven surfaces for great off road performance.  The 4WD that is at work all the time makes it easier to move from on the road to off the road quickly and easily.

For this large and exceptionally performing off road oriented SUV that base price comes in around $51,000 for the Lexus GX 460.  When heading to the top of the line a fully loaded model will cost you above the $70,000 mark but for an SUV that is made to do what this one can do, that price is highly competitive.  When you want a luxury SUV that you can feel confident in taking off-road that offers you great reliability, excellent resale value and comes with the right 4WD system for you to enjoy any trek off the paved path the Lexus GX is the right choice for you.

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