What I Like About You

When you bought your car, did you know you were going to love it right away? Did it take a little time for you to figure out the nuances before you were able to pinpoint your favorite thing? It’s estimated that humans spend over an hour and a half a day driving, so we probably should, at least, like our cars.

For some people, cars are about function. They get us to work, they get us home, and they protect us from the elements while doing so. They’re relatively safe when paired with good judgment and better skills, and they’re faster than walking. For some people, however, cars are a bit more. Some people see their vehicle as an extension of themselves, a status symbol, or even an escape waiting to happen. A car is an extension of our personal space, and as a result, it’s not unusual to get attached.
If you sit down and ask a person what they like about their car the most, you’re going to get a variety of answers. Some of these answers will be the obvious things, like the handling or the safety features. A handful of people is going to say that there is nothing they like about their car except that it is paid off. Then, the vast minority of people are going to point out that one weird quirk that they can’t get enough of, like the little cubby hole they put their foot in the left of the steering wheel when they’re driving.
But what is it that most people dig about their cars? What makes them a topic of conversation?
Isn’t She Lovely – It’s not surprising that many people will buy a car based on its looks. They want their car to be pretty, and when asked about it will often run down a list of features that make it so attractive to them. It doesn’t matter to them if the car doesn’t have a stellar pickup or if it’s a gas hog. If it looks good, like the BMW 3 Series, that’s all they need. While this principle may sound foolish to some, to others it’s what they look for in a car, and it’s what they love.
The Zen of It All – There are a lot of people in the world who derive joy simply from the open road. For these people, the car is their quiet space; a private spot to collect their thoughts and commune with themselves as they hear the sounds of the tires against the asphalt and the wind whooshing by the windows. When your car is the place you turn when you’ve had a bad day, it’s important to have an environment that you enjoy.  I personally take solace in my Toyota RAV4, with its quiet cabin and comfortable interior.
Cool Comfort – There are people on the road that drive hideous vehicles. They’re big and bulky and closely resemble a pontoon boat. There are some cars that are oddly shaped and bulbous, but people still choose them. Why is this? Some people don’t care at all what their car looks like as long as they get that exquisite feeling of comfort when they sit in it. For people who commute to work, comfort is the key to their vehicular happiness, and nothing else matters.
Speed Demon – While some drivers aren’t all that concerned about the time it will take for their car to reach sixty miles per hour, some are. For many drivers, they’re all about the speed. They want to know that their car is going to outperform a lot of the others on the road like with the Dodge Charger. Now, most of them will never demonstrate their vehicles ability to do so, but they need to know that it can if needed.
The Mystery Within – We’ve all seen that one car that looks like it is in a constant state of repair, but the owner just won’t get rid of it, right? For a lot of drivers, the mysteries contained within their car is the whole reason for keeping it. They want to be able to puzzle over it and enjoy making changes and fixing things themselves. They’re keeping the car for the sheer joy of being able to break things apart and rebuild them.  The Honda Civic is a perfect example of this.
Whatever your reason, you should have a love for your car. It is the place where your family will bond during road trips. It is where you’ll have some of your best ideas, your most heated conversations, or utter your most filthy words. Your car is where memories will be made, whether good or bad, and it deserves to be celebrated. So, come on, what’s your favorite thing about your car?

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