Is Tesla Already Looking Beyond the Model 3

Tesla is already facing the challenge of having over 400,000 reserves for the Model 3 and the need to upgrade their facility to be able to house the three assembly lines of the Model S, Model X and Model 3 which you might think is enough on their plate already. Even though they have these three going and need to have the facility expansion completed soon so they can meet the 2018 delivery dates for the Model 3 there are already rumors of what Tesla may be looking towards as its next offering for us to admire and line up to buy.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has already confirmed their next vehicle will be a Tesla Roadster and may just come in and make use of this name as the name for the car. Because they already appear to be heading in a design direction that takes away the front grill (which is unnecessary on the Tesla models) they have developed a style and elegant fashion that can look finished and uninterrupted which was already revealed in the Model 3 and has since begun to be used on the newer versions of the Model S.
If we were to take the design elements that are already present in the Tesla lineup we could come up with a roadster that looks a lot like a small Lotus model or even a Honda S2000. Either way, its seems the style of Tesla could carry forward into a roaster and be a car that feels familiar to many of us while offering a look up front that is completely unique compared to anything else we have ever experienced on the automotive market. This would be a wonderful blend of the familiar and the unknown into a car that would easily capture our attention.
The Roadster is expected to be offered in the 2019 to 2020 timeframe and has been a car that we have seen from Tesla before but in small numbers. The Roadster name that was used previously has even been upgraded with the offering of a 3.0 batter to current owners which would cost them $29,000 but give them an improved range of 35 percent to bring the car to a full 330-mile range. This showed a commitment to having this car upgraded to be in line with the Model S that was already on the market and the upcoming Model X of the time.
Elon Musk has reportedly stated there is a speed that is faster than the Ludicrous Mode on the Model S. This speed, according to Musk, is called Maximum Plaid, which for most of us doesn’t make much sense as a name. If it’s a faster speed than the highest mode for the Model S you can bet the new Roadster model that will use a brand new styling and give us this new mode as the top speed element will be something that is extremely exciting to drive as a two-seater coupe or convertible model.

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