A Lovable Rogue

A rogue is a person on the outskirts of society; one that hangs out along the fringe. Typically, a rogue is one who doesn’t belong, doesn’t fit in, and isn’t wanted by those around him. The dictionary’s definition of the word is quite a bit harsher than this, however, as it says it is a man without principles. Society’s rogues are rejected and often turned away. There is a rogue, though, that is being embraced by the general public, maybe even celebrated. Nissan’s compact SUV is not only popular and affordable, but it has become one lovable Rogue.

In 1933, a company was founded in Japan. This company, after many different names and transitions, would become Nissan Motor Company. Nissan quickly rose to fame in the United States with the production of some very popular vehicles of high-quality construction that proved to last for a very long time. This cemented their place as the sixth largest automaker in the world. Over the past several years, Nissan has worked hard to maintain their lineup of tremendously popular vehicles, while still managing to add some models that have turned out to be solid performers.
In 2007, Nissan added the Rogue to their lineup as a compact SUV meant to do competition with the other major manufacturers, and compete it has. Designed for maximum aerodynamics, with curves in all the right places, the Rogue is small but mighty. It is designed to have more of an athletic stance than the other vehicles in its class, and its body styling closely resembles that of a muscular physique. Outfitted with eighteen-inch alloy wheels, standard side-view mirror turn signals, and many other exterior features, the Nissan Rogue is as stylish as it is trendy and affordable. It is available in eight different colors, and to different interior shades as well.
Remember when we mentioned that the Rogue was small but mighty? Well, the 2.5-liter DOHC 16 valve 4-cylinder engine offers up one-hundred seventy horses, and a hundred and seventy-five pounds of torque. It is available in front-wheel drive, but has the option for all-wheel drive should the driver so desire. Antilock brakes, hill start assist, and Nissan’s own Xtronic Continuously Variable Transmission are all standard features on the Rogue, and there is seating for five, normally, or for seven with the family package. It also offers over one hundred cubic feet of interior space, and seventy cubic feet of cargo space with the seats collapsed. Not only is it mighty, but quite spacious as well.
On the interior, Nissan has spared no expense. The front seats were inspired by space travel at zero gravity, and are meant to keep drivers from getting overly fatigued on long drives. They’re not only incredibly comfortable, but they also feature Nissan’s patented QuickComfort that works quickly to get heat to the parts of your body that need it the most to warm you up quickly. Nissan has also paid the highest attention to every inch of material that went into the vehicle’s interior to ensure that nothing but the best appointments are inside the car.
While there is never a shortage of technology in newer cars, this is especially true for Nissan vehicles. Between what comes standard, and all of the optional features, their cars are usually pretty decked out. On the first two trim levels, a backup monitoring system comes standard, while the highest trim level offers the new Around View Monitor which uses several different cameras to detect objects, both stationary and moving, to make parking and backing up as simplistic as possible. With the addition of one of the several packages, owners are able to transform their Rogue into their dream car for a minimal additional expense.
When Nissan manufactures a vehicle, they seem to know how to do it well. Their cars are long-lasting and incredibly efficient but are also stunningly attractive and easy to maintain. The Rogue may not have the same level of popularity of the Maxima or the Pathfinder, but it’s getting there. Nissan is a manufacturer with a stellar reputation and great word of mouth, but most of their cars are able to stand up for themselves, and the Rogue is no different.

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