Kia’s Full-Sized Solo

In the theater, a cadenza is the final dynamic solo in a concerto, as sung by the leading talent toward the end of a performance. This solo is typically the crowning moment of the performance, the climax, or the part of the concerto that has the audience on the edge of their seats. Not all that often, a car comes along that can have the same effect. It can stop us in our tracks, make us question whether or not our car is really pleasing us, and send us to the internet to research what that car contains. For many people, the Kia Cadenza has been that very car.

Kia was established in 1945 in Seoul, Korea and they emerged with quite humble beginnings, as a manufacturer of bicycle parts. Their name signifies a combination of two Korean words that mean rising out of East Asia, and since their emergence, Kia has been a rising star. They incorporated in the United States in 1992, and in 1994, started small with four dealerships in Portland, Oregon. Gradually, they have spread across the United States, and have become increasingly popular, while still maintaining their reputation for being an economically friendly option in comparison to other leading automakers.
In 2010, production of the Cadenza began in Korea, solely for foreign consumption, but in 2013, Kia announced that it would be made available in the U.S. market as well. Since Kia’s debut in the states, they’ve cemented a reputation for building reliable, economical, and stylish vehicles. However, in recent years, they’ve branched out into the luxury car market, while still offering prices far lower than other luxury manufacturers. A step larger than it’s mid-sized sedan brother Kia Optima, the Cadenza is a full-sized vehicle making luxury available to every person regardless of budget. Hopefully, the Cadenza is far from the last song that Kia has to offer.
While some of Kia’s vehicles are funky and fun, the Cadenza is one of their more understated vehicles. With intelligent and elegant design, this vehicle manages to maintain a bold appearance while still remaining timeless and stylish. A rarity in this model year, the Cadenza doesn’t have the aggressive and domineering appearance of other vehicles. With a specialized grille design and LED headlights, the Cadenza definitely sets itself apart from other vehicles on the road. The best part of the Cadenza is that it offers features standard, that are only optional on other vehicles.
The second generation of the Cadenza is expected to make huge waves, and as it nears its release date, the buzz is only growing. The first generation of the vehicle was only considered moderately successful, selling less than 10,000 units, even at the height of its popularity. Although hugely popular with its drivers, the sales numbers have remained unimpressive. No matter, though, the second generation made an impressive debut at the New York Auto Show earlier this month, and the critics were hushed with the new release. It seems Kia has sought to fix some of the issues that may have contributed to the lackluster sales with the 2017 version.
The 2017 Cadenza is a little smaller, a lot lighter, and a great deal stiffer, which lends to a much more controlled drive. It is still outfitted with a 3 liter V6, but now features an eight-speed automatic transmission that critics are hoping will increase the gas mileage from its 19/28 ratio, although no official numbers have been released. Critics are hopeful that the Cadenza should be quite a bit quieter, with a better drive, but they’re still somewhat concerned about the numbers associated with its sales. However, they are paying attention.
Whether it is a critical darling, or simply just popular once people get inside it, the Cadenza offers luxury at a non-luxury price. It offers incredible comfort, incredible safety features, and some of the most impressive technology on the market, including UVO, one of the highest rated infotainment systems. The current owners of Cadenzas offer very little in the way of complaints, whether the sales numbers reflect that attitude or not. With the 2017 version set to release soon, the new Cadenza may just be the high note is Kia’s performance that gets that crowd’s attention.

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