Chrysler Pacifica: A Minivan Beyond Ordinary

Part of the American dream is having a family, and that family has transportation needs that go above and beyond that of your typical sedan. In this day and age, many people choose to go the route of the SUV or even the crossover vehicle. However, when it comes to kids, most parents know that jamming three kids into the backseat of an SUV isn’t always practical. They fight, they draw lines across the seat that the others can’t cross, and they generally annoy each other. When it comes to small children, the idea of jamming multiple car seats into the back defeats the purpose of having more space. Having kids means needing extra space, and sometimes it means sacrificing your cool factor and driving a minivan.

Back in the day, a minivan meant driving a bullet shaped vehicle that closely resembled a spaceship and meant that you were accepting your fate as an adult. It was all about what you needed to cart your family around, and not at all about style and certainly less about performance. However, these days, a minivan no longer means sacrificing your personal flair to accommodate your family. While it may seem as though the options are limited when it comes to minivans, Chrysler has a vehicle that they’ve remodeled over the past couple of years to fulfill all of your family’s needs.
In 1999, Chrysler debuted a minivan style concept vehicle, called the Pacifica. Five years later, they released their actual version of the Pacifica, which showed up on the scene as a crossover, with an optional third row. While it was spacious enough to hold the entire family, the third row wasn’t what people truly needed, and while it was somewhat popular, Chrysler decided to discontinue this design. In 2017, the Pacifica is back and is what Chrysler initially imagined for this vehicle; a minivan. Chrysler’s previous minivan, the Town & Country, has been discontinued, and its replacement is kind of a big deal.
Chrysler has pulled out all the stops when it comes to advertising the new Pacifica, as it seems they want people to know that it’s better than what was previously offered. While cutting ties with the Town and Country, Chrysler has completely revamped not only the name of their minivan offering, but the stylishness and sophistication as well. The Pacifica is lower, wider, and quite a bit more stable than the Town and Country was, thus making it the optimal choice for parents looking for a spacious and safe ride for their family.
The new Pacifica has a similar front end to the former version of the Pacifica, a crossover that was moderately popular. With Chrysler’s signature grille and the easily recognizable insignia, the Pacifica minivan is definitely something new, both from Chrysler and from a traditional minivan. It’s a good bit lighter than the former version, in order to give families what they really want, which is enough space to contain their kids and all their stuff, but also increased gas mileage. Most families these days are on a budget, and fuel efficiency is important when it comes to the bottom line. The standard V6 engine offers nearly 260 horsepower, promising a much more powerful ride than its predecessor.
Offered in both a hybrid and traditional gas version, the Pacifica promises to be the minivan you didn’t expect, while still offering the same amount of seating and safety features that a family wants. There are several different seating configurations that offer enough space for up to eight people, but can also hold all of your stuff with available stow and go seating that allows drivers to collapse not only the third-row seats, but the second as well. Convenience features, such as hands-free sliding doors and lift gate make carrying the kids and stowing groceries as easy as the touch of a button.
When we sit back and think about what is important to us, the number one answer is often family. Our families are what drive us to do better, to be better people, and in the end, we want to make sure they’re safe, comfortable, and that the kids aren’t fighting for space in the backseat when we’re trying to have an enjoyable family vacation. When family is the bottom line, why waste time with a vehicle that isn’t getting things done?

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